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Spaghetti Bolognese is a classic, but Pippa told us about her Food Memory of eating it in Luigi’s restaurant in Devon. The restaurant isn’t there any more, but we tracked down a chef who worked there, and Gennaro is going to bring it back to life. This smooth Bolognese sauce with pork & beef is a delicious comforting dish you have to try.

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Anita Benson says:

Have to make

湯培源 says:


Gianluca Gaiba says:

Please stop eat spaghetti with ragù. I'm from Bologna and it's won't eat spaghetti. You have to eat different kind of pasta like tagliatelle.

Dina Dossym says:

I've made it and it's amazing!

Dave D'Video Maker says:

Newsflash: Spaghetti bolognese doesn’t exist in Italy. It’s an American dish. In Italy, they use pappardelle, tagliatelle, fettuccine, etc.
Plus, I do not add salt until the end. I just add it if necessary, cos I use a Knorr beef stock pot for seasoning.

1990Thunderbolt says:

you can't beat the italian passion of cooking, you just can't! <3

Iain says:

Just made this for wife and daughter, absolutely gorgeous!

Ting Lee Ann says:

Lovely 😊 but I’m still trying to figure out what’s the use of that bottle of woscestershire sauce sitting there with the cap opened 😁

Adrianna Ch says:

Where's the basil?

Amina Hammouda says:

Anyone has an idea kf what to replace the wine with if we cant add alcohol ?

elote05 says:

I love that guy

Manmeet Singh says:

Fun Fact: Google Pippa Italian!

Ouahab Sanae says:

I try the recipe today it's very delicious thank you so much

Fil Am says:

I made this today with homemade tagliatelle…it was absolutely fantastic!

守lower says:

The only bolognese recipe you will ever need ><

LumyTheQueen says:

It's already the second time I make this recipe and my god, I cry for MORE!
Thank you so much for this recipe!

claire bunt says:

My favourite meal of all time ❤❤

minisheaf says:

What can I put instead of red wine (non-alcoholic)? Will the taste change a lot without it?

amr abo el magd says:

That was the worst recipe I have experienced !
Adding veg stock and keep it for 40min it makes it so overcooked

lois mackey says:

OMGGGGG I LLLLOOVVEEEE YOU AND I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!! Oh. Muy. Gaod. I can ONLY WISH, to meet you!!!

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