Pasta All'amatricana | Gennaro Contaldo | Italian Special

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Pasta All’amatricana is a very classic Italian pasta dish that goes back years and years. It’s one of those pasta dishes, much like carbonara, that is so beautifully simple, but delivers no matter what mood you’re in, or what time of year it is. This is an absolute must have in the repertoire – give it a go, you won’t look back!

Gennaro in Italy
Gennaro doing what the Italians do best – sourcing good ingredients and making simple, bold dishes with little effort and time involved.

Rather than cut these videos right down, we have left them a little longer and kept them relaxed. We think watching Gennaro in Italy is a glorious thing, and Gennaro does such a great job at being both inspiring and entertaining. So sit back and enjoy these as they roll out – we would love to know what you think.

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Contra effect lijevo says:

Man i just ate

Hisham Ghazal says:

I love u my techear

Hisham Ghazal says:

I love u my father

Harry Ies says:

Good video Gennaro👍. I'm looking for the Pot & Pan in this video. Somebody maybe knows the name.? 😃

Liam Paquette says:

I like the jamie oliver videos with no jamie oliver

asmit pandey says:

I don't know if the English accent is fake or the British one??

BK says:

Grazie Gennaro 😘

Augusto Baldi says:

How disgusting!!!! 1) Amatrice: City of SPAGHETTI (not bucatini) 2) NEVER ONION 3) NEVER PARSLEY 4) NEVER RAW OIL – this is the OFFICIAL specification of the Amatriciana sauce. DO IT FROM THE BEGINNING by carefully following the REAL recipe !!!!

Cees Smits says:

Dear Gennaro. Love what you do. I learning a lott from you. Be carfull for your healt now.
Beste greetings from Hungary. Cees.

Clive Marshall says:

Hey you’ll be cold in Chesterfield all year round pal don’t knock the Italian..I’ve been!….. just kidding!

Luigi Uboldi says:

Fatti una vacanza in italia a ripassare va… che e' sta roba!?!?!?

Emanuele Guglielman says:

Gennaro, che cazzo fai? La pancetta, il prezzemolo e la cipolla nell’Amatriciana? L’Italia ti ha abbandonato ormai

Mr. Nice says:

the subtitles in the video are annoying…please leave out the subtitle

Claudio Orlandi says:

You are really simpatic, but this is not amatriciana.. 🙌🌺

Sangman Lee says:

You can call him whatever you want but went it comes to cooking I trust him 100%

Francesco Cencini says:

Ricetta : Bucatino stracotto con pancetta e pomodorini. No amatriciana. I piatti della tradizione , i piatti simbolo non vanno stuprati a piacere. Ci vuole rispetto !!

Awesome TD says:

I love this guy's energy and passion

Valhalla Rising says:

this man is pure gold

Marek Pająk says:

Don Ciccio, we come to you to seek a blessing for our olive oil business. It’s called Genco Olive Oil Co.

Gigicom86 says:

Ma che cazzo stai a fa?

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