Jazzy Vegetarian Supercut #1: VEGAROOOOONS!

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I caught this regional PBS show in a fever dream. Here are my fave moments from her jazzy stuffed cabbage episode.
Note: I only did straight edits here. No music changes or graphic tweaks at all. The show is just that insane.
Visit jazzyvegetarian.com to see if this kooky gem airs on your local PBS station.


Tommy John says:

Tim and Eric couldn't do it better. Love this show

Lia-Mei Manuel says:

this is the lady that did the vegan margarine

James wesley says:

This lady is so ANNOYING and what is wrong with cow or chicken? Taste way better than soy beans

Gypsy Soul says:

This is a great cooking show! Love all the recipes I've tried so far!

Mary Sanchez says:

Can't imagine Jacques Pepin or Julia child trying so hard to "sell" their food. Even Christina Perillo doesn't try to sell it, she just cooks for her class and leta us decide. Her show and food are better than this drek. Look af her PBS show, "Christina Cooks."

Mary Sanchez says:

Every observant Jewish mother and aunt in NYC knows how to cook vegan and vegetarian macaroons, which she calls vegaroons. And theirs are so much more delicious and habit-forming. Keeping kosher means they need to separate meat meals from dairy, and sometimes the easiest way to do that is to cook parve, meaning using neither ingredient so that the food can go with any meal. Their stuffed cabbage and the sweet-sour sauce they make on top of the cabbage rolls, are better than this drek, too.

Mary Sanchez says:

Laura tries too hard to sell it. Snd the show title lies, its strictly vegan, not vegetarian. And she needs to be careful when using chocolate because sugar can be non-vegan: most mainstream sugar is bleached using bone ash, and only sugar labeled vegan is cruelty free. She depends heavily on a Vitamix, probably because of sponsorship, and they're expensive. The Breville Hemisphere is a lot cheaper and does a good job. She shuns sugar but then uses lots of carbs, and loves saccharides like maple syrup. She'll do anything but let her poor husband eat a piece of real bittersweet chocolate. Cheese substitutes are terrible, they don't melt, they have no nutritive value whatsoever, they turn into hard little bits in the oven, and most of them aren't really vegan if you read the label, they've usually got casein in them. They have no protein or calcium, and they're ridiculously expensive. A little real low-.moisture mozzarella from a cruelty-free dairy on your homemade pizza won't kill you. Organic Valley is pretty tasty, and put the rest in your freezer for another time. And I wish she would stop burying her mic in her ample bosom, she's muffled.

Until I saw your videos, I thought I was the only one who thought her shows were hilarious. Thank you! I'm gonna watch them all! Your editing is wonderful, I can't do that stuff.

Possessed Pappy says:

Her husband I meant deprived

Emms says:

v e g a n m a y o n n a i s e

Turbo Vicki says:

Damn I wish this was on my PBS station

Kaiya Diestler says:

I saw this show on the Create channel and I was choking with laughter at the theme song I stg

Madison says:

I love this shoe too much.

Hardtechnoboy says:

this is pure fucking gold. I'm going to go eat a pound of pulled pork now

Tommy John says:

This is honestly my favorite show on Create TV besides New Scan Cooking, obviously.

James wesley says:

Vegans are so weird! They eat this disgusting tofu double cheeseburger look alike. Just eat a double cheeseburger I promise it's a hundred and one times better

naitethagr8 says:

Laura Theodore is kind of sexy.

Sara Castello says:

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHHh I needed an example of this to show a friend. This was perfect.

Andy Straub says:

I tried making one of her recipes…"crab cakes" Yuck.

Terry Fisher says:

First time I ever really paid attention and watched an entire episode was fairly recent. It seemed kinda strange, but when I heard them start to sing a song about stuffed peppers I felt like I was on acid. Heh! I used to think Sandra Lee from Food Network was the craziest food person to ever live, but no…heavens's no…THIS woman has stolen that honor. She is the hands down winner of the crazy award. It's stupefying. Profoundly so.

Michael Richard Weekes says:

your music is Strange but you are so sexy…

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