Jazzy Vegetarian Supercut #2: Maple Syrup, Michael Feinstein, Sensual Songs About Tofu

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Here are highlights from the Jazzy Vegetarian episode where she makes various beige, clumpy desserts. Then she talks to Michael Feinstein AND herself!

visit jazzyvegetarian.com to find out if your local PBS station airs it. And if it does, DVR it at once.


Matt says:

So much of what she makes looks like dog poo.

Vanessa Lee says:

The song at the end

Linda Fortner says:


L l says:

Does anybody know the episode where she yells "avocados you say?!"

Tommy John says:

c o n s i s t e n c y

60 inch lacefront wig says:

I'm about to cry

Mary Sanchez says:

Thanks for reminding me that I have the option of laughing at her as comedic entertainment, rather than someone who tries to combine music and cooking awkwardly, and who has recipes that are heavy, sometimes really disgusting, and unintentionally humorous. It's more fun to see her that way and laugh, now!

Mary Sanchez says:

She shuns sugar but then uses maple syrup and other saccharides. And a ton of carbs. They're still sugars and carbs, Laura!

Mary Sanchez says:

LOL…. I love the way you repeat at 1:50 to 2:00….. laughing my butt off, here! Poor guy can't swallow it, can't find words… LOL! You're a seriously funny, dry humor guy.

Mary Sanchez says:

Any extreme diet probably isn't going to be easy to keep. Just leave out the meat and fish, but a real Hershey's dark chocolate nugget isn't gonna kill ya. She uses way too much carbs.

Mary Sanchez says:

She seems to depend heavily on complex carbs. They may be better than refined ingredients, but they're still carbs. Then she compensates with chocolate?

Evelyn Pendall says:

These are teas clips so you have to buy her book

Eric Oeur says:

Please make more of these

Stephen Beale says:

this is a meme goldmine

James wesley says:

Vegan food looks so gross. What's wrong with meat these days? Stop pretending nasty tofu is the meet in your chili. I personally love the taste of a newborn calf. Yummy

Jerel Damon says:

This lady is having too much fun. LOL!

Alexis Brownstein says:

How the fuck did she chew that loudly at the end holy shit

Byakk0h says:

I need more of these… Please oh dear God, make more. This is giving me life.

Chuck Kim says:

I hope you do one for her zucchini surprise muffins.

timdonderevo says:

Your supercuts are amazing – a wonderful celebration of this extraordinary PBS show! Thanks for making these!

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