Top 10 Classic I Love Lucy Moments

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These I Love Lucy moments define why this show is considered a classic. We’ll be ranking the funniest, most iconic or otherwise memorable moments associated with this classic slice of T.V. These moments all serve as testament to the comedic greatness of Lucille Ball and Co. and as some truly landmark television. MsMojo ranks the best I Love Lucy Moments. What’s your favorite I Love Lucy moment? Let us know in the comments!

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santafejack says:

Too much chit chat for me.

Kyril J says:

I just learned Lucy was transgender, she and Ethel were lovers, and Ricky was gay. This is great news for the LGBTQQ community. Celebrate, y'all! We are family, hey hey hey hey hey yall!!!!!

Felicia Studdard says:

Lucille Ball almost died in Lucy's Italian movie in the grape vap

Amanda Winkle says:

I think the tango was the longest (or one of) the longest laughs in TV history

Richard DeLeon says:

The bald episode is not funny to me. I have skipped that episode for many years already.

Jeff Galus says:

When Little Ricky episode was shown they out performed the presidential inauguration of Dwight Eisenhower

Miraculous Bean says:

I'm 12 and I love Lucille she's so iconic,I watch "I Love Lucy" And "Here's Lucy" with my grandma all the time.

urgent message says:

i love lucy and stuff so yeah and fouynd so yeah check northern fmaily and stuff so yeah

Aaron Wilson says:

Lucille Ball is the greatest female comedian actor ever she is one of the only few female comedians that make me laugh

suzycreamcheesez says:

The Benefit

Cole Bryan says:

If the conveyer belt scene is not on this list, I’m gonna be verrrrrry disappointed.

Edit: Wooooooooooo! It’s Second place!

Gary McKee says:

Geniuses who surrounded themselves with good people. Look at the stage sets when they went to Europe for example. They worked hard and deserved every bit of their success.

Mary Mary says:

The grape one in the background on pretty wome

Danielle McNorton says:

I like when Lucy and Ethel decide to steal John Wayne’s footprint

ItzVxnilla says:

❤️love this show! My fam and I watch it everyday

ItzVxnilla says:

❤️love this show! My fam and I watch it everyday

Димитър Митов says:

I'm sorry, maybe if I was born in the 30s I would find this funny but it's not

Fourthgirl says:

"Butter on bread? I will never get use to your crazy Cuban customs." Now real fans will know which episode that came from!

Chris Mc Evoy says:

She died 31 years ago today April 26,2020

Chris Mc Evoy says:

My favorite I Love Lucy episode is Lucy Does A Commercial.

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