Easy Backpacking Meals – CHILI MAC – Fast | Dinner | Vegetarian

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Is Chili Mac one of your favorite packaged meals? Are you tired of it melting your tent?
You can make your own, wayyyy better version in just a few minutes with real ingredients.
Part of our Classics^ Elevated Series.
Easy recipes matching the classic bagged meal flavors.

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FIND MORE RECIPES @ www.montyboca.com
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Throw away your packaged meals and cook with REAL food.
Elevate your meals with MONTyBOCA (mountain x mouth)
Don’t be afraid of fresh ingredients. They aren’t as hard to use as you think.

Amazing, fast, easy recipes for backpacking, hiking, thru hiking, climbing or any outdoor activity.

All recipes:
-10 ingredients or less
-ready in 30 min or less
-as low as 4 oz/serving
-no pre prep, no dehydrating
-use easy to find ingredients
+ many dietary restriction specific recipes
Get out there and cook! We can show you how!

Get outside
Eat well
Share the tasty experience


Jack Waknitz says:

Woah cool shirt! Where'd you get it? Also can you make me some Chili Mac for dinner?

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