How to make chili. LIVE !!! ( Lazy man's chili )

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Grandma’s secret recipe. YUMMY !!!


Cynthia Swearingen says:

Woohoo! Chili weather! Looks yummy, Mike! Sorry I missed you live!😊💖

Blockhead says:

Made chili yesterday it was guuud

Notrightjohnny Detecting junkie says:

Good morning Bubba

TreasureHuntingSWPA says:

Oooh I haven't made chili in a while. I make a recipe that's basically a copy of Wendy's chili. lol.

MD Melbourne says:

Chef Mike hi bud,
Just chilling watching this before your premier starts 😎,
I'll Cook this and surprise wife'y 😁
she might give me a surprise 😁😁

Hee Haw says:

You gotta come up with some high temperature stickers. " Meals with Mike " lol
Something to stick on pots and pans…

T & C Diggers says:

Looks like some good chili Mike. I'm watching now. Have a great weekend. GL&HH

Randolph Relic Recovery says:

What did you do? We promised we would never tell anyone the recipe 😱

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