5 VEGAN Dinners You Can COOK in UNDER 25 MINUTES!

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Hey everyone,

In this video Ian shows you how to cook 5 vegan dinners which you can make in 25 minutes… speedy!

The incredibly delicious lineup we have for you today is:

– Tofu Satay Kebabs

– Goulash & Dumplings

– Thai Green Curry Bowls

– Ultimate Vegan Mac & Cheese

– Spicy Stuffed Aubergines

We hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we do, happy cooking!

Henry & Ian x


Grab a copy of our new SPEEDY BOSH! Cookbook – all recipes take 20 minutes cooking time or less!

HEALTHY VEGAN Cookbook: http://smarturl.it/BOSHHEALTHYVEGAN

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BOSH! Cookbook: http://smarturl.it/BOSHCookbook

BOSH! was created by Henry Firth & Ian Theasby



Mieke Kuppen says:

Lovely recipes but I wish people would stop claiming nooch is high in B12. That´s only true if it´s been artificially fortified. Which it pretty much always is in the US but not in all countries.

Joanne Stearns says:

Bomb.com 💣 — 😋

Cookie Jones says:

I tried the goulash & dumplings and the vegan Mac and Cheese and my family loved it, so easy to make and so delicious. Can’t wait to get your book.

Priya Musu says:

Amazing that they can be made in 25 mins! And they look so delicious and fancy 😛

Amber says:


kotov dot in says:

Kanye West called me DIET PRADA. Best ever FREE TOOLS & FOOD are on my website

nahid mohammed says:

👍 Good Job u guys, three cheers thru out…

SmileItsAllGood says:

Is there anyway you could shout out my sisters vegan channel? It’s growingwithalysa. I just want her hard work to pay off, I understand if you can’t! Sorry if this looks like spam, I gave you a like.

Rural Northern Lass says:

They all look delicious but definitely going to make the goulash and dumplings first!

Thanks fellas 💖

Lisa Ewald says:

Yum ,yum… I like them all they look fresh and appetizing…💕

Girlonfire 2.0 says:

I'm getting this cook book

Lydia Petra says:

All the recipes look very delicious!Great job!

Lydia Petra says:

That's not gulyás by any chance….most certainly gulyás doesn't have tomatoes or tomato sauce in it….!!!
But it looks like an interesting stew!

MrsMMcG says:

My faves are the Mac and cheese, the Thai stir fry and the eggplant dish! Regardless, they all look so delish!!! Thanks guys! ♥️🌱♥️

BunderChowed says:

Ka-shoes..lol love it!

Crixus32 says:

I bought your book the day it came out and I have to say it’s absolutely stunning! Many wonderful and speedy recipes that everyone can enjoy. Thanks BOSH!

God's Word says:

🔶 Isaiah 22:13  “But instead, there is celebration and rejoicing,
The killing of cattle and the slaughtering of sheep,
The eating of meat and the drinking of wine.
‘Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we will die.’”

🔺( Eat and drink .. Enjoy life .. You may not be alive tomorrow )

kathleen swenning says:

They look delicious, CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!!!!!! I DON'T know how you guys come up with these recipes time and time again and make these awesome cookbooks, I have BISH BASH BOSH and it is a great cookbook to have!!!!!!!

SuzyQ says:

I love watching your videos. Everything looked inviting and beautiful. I might try the eggplant dish without the tahini sauce and with mushroom mince instead of fatty vegan mince. I am allergic to soy, some nuts, and some seeds. Sometimes it works to replace these with pureed cauliflower or pureed white beans of some kind.

Adie Badie says:

I love your videos and all your food just looks wonderful. Thanks for all the effort you put into your recipes, guys!

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