Why should you read Tolstoy's "War and Peace"? – Brendan Pelsue

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“War and Peace.” A tome. A slog. The sort of book you shouldn’t read in bed because if you fall asleep it could give you a concussion. Right? Only partly. “War and Peace” is a long book, sure, but it’s also a thrilling examination of history populated with some of the deepest, most realistic characters you’ll find anywhere. Brendan Pelsue shares everything you need to know to read this classic book.

Lesson by Brendan Pelsue, animation by Patrick Smith.


TED-Ed says:

Correction: The Decembrists revolted against the conservative Tsar Nicholas I in 1825, not Tsar Nicholas II.

Jerry Vincenti says:

Just listen to an audio book version of it

Anas Al Subhi says:

the "Iliad" of modern times .

Владимир Змага says:

A more correct translation of the title of this book is "War and Society". «Мир» = Peace. «Мiръ» = Society. Until 1917, the title of this book was written as "Война и мiръ". Now the Russian word "мир" has different meanings: «peace», «society» and «world».

Jonathan Moore says:

To be exceptional at most anything, we’re constantly told to “fit the mold” or “do it this way”, but every time I learn about something truly exceptional, it breaks all of the rules. Is society actually trying to make me average and suppress my inner excellence?

esrari says:

the Turkish translation is 2000 pages. just an information.

dilip jain says:

1:18 – lots of buildings not much loot .
Anyone from pubg?😎

Santiago González says:

People in the comments saying "It's the second "real" (meaning classic, I guess…?) book I'm reading. I AM SORRY? Please DO NOT torture yourself 💀. Reading is like human movement. If you don't learn to walk, less can you expect to know how to run; yet these people are trying to fly 😂
Please, please, please go step by step!!! If not, you are most likely abandoning the book and get discouraged from reading in general

Average Student says:

I can't read a 1200 page book.

Smartastic says:

If you want to smile, watch this video

Xolani Ngubane says:

Aka war what is it good for

Nestor Munoz says:

One of the greatest, most inspirational, and epic experiences of my entire life.

emmy wang says:

Why did I pick this book for a 4 week novel study….

Raul Babi says:

when you think that he wrote 1300 pages with his hand! :)))

Shreyas Sathwara says:

background music??????

Sophia K says:

Fan fact: most russian students hate this book
It seems so big
Where do I know about it from?
I am a russian student
But, to tell the truth,I love this one. It's incredible. Bolconscky is my favourite character

Abhishek Sharma says:

The way pen converted into a gun ( in last ) , tells us 'pen' and 'gun' is all 3 alphabetical word!

Banshee 777 says:

ADHDer No thanks

solo bolo says:

What is War and Peace about? The cycle of life.

Андрей Петров says:

Не читайте, глупцы…..

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