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List of Restaurants

1. Officina Vegana
2. Sbuccia e Bevi
3. O’Grin
4. Cavoli Nostri
5. Milkaway 2.0


Raffaele Irlanda says:

I'd expected you reviewing Pizza da Michele as long it is the True Temple of Neapolitan Pizza, and as long they made only two kind of Pizze: that is the Margherita with cheese and the Marinara with only tomato and garlic.
Also I expected you paying a visit to restaurant Vitto Pitagorico as it was reviewed by other two youtubers.
Milkaway is a pleasant surprise for me as I miss Center of Naples for sooo long and I don't know how is evolving the background of commerce there. 😀😎😘🤗
Don't forget in any Gelateria, if you ask for Gelato Sorbetto, you can consume it, as it is a kind of gelato made usually without milk. Only vegan ingredients.
(Warning: Sorbetto is technical name for any kind of Gelato made only with fruits, sugar and ice, but be sure by asking if sorbetto is completely vegan as long as modern Gelatai have been capable to realize even a kind of "Sorbetto al Latte" that you can understand by its name that it contains milk).

TikTalk says:

Great video, thank you! 🙂 BTW. do you use Osmo Pocket to film all of the shots?

Mikes Grillin says:

Another Awsome video n very well executed..nice restaurant

Michele Cervi says:

Thanks for visiting my city Naples and surrounding.

Nia Garcia says:

I want ALL of that! Yum!

Lulan says:

I been needing this video! When I went last ferburary and may, I NEVER found Milkaway. I ran around the city dragging my boyfriend by the collar to search for it. Do you happen to have the address? I AM DESPERATE! and thank you so much for the video, I will be trying the places in August!

aniello a Napoli says:

I m from Naples! =)

Anna Li says:

OMG TEH CANNOLI!!! I haven't had cannoli in so long, it used to be my favorite!!

Jing Shi says:

Now I know where to go in Naples!! 🌱💚

Ebefren Revo says:

Oddio quel cornetto è qualcosa di magnifico.

tamcon72 says:

Drooling! Thanks so much for posting this wonderful, unexpected survey of Neapolitan vegan spots!

Broke in Berlin says:

Milkaway 2.0 looked so good 😍

Nate Johnson says:

It’s beautiful there. I’m taking the family to Chicago tomorrow and there’s a vegan deep dish Chicago style pizza place I’m hoping to try. 🌱🍕

Xiuchen Xu says:

I loved going to Naples before I went vegan, it's great to know they have such an abundance of vegan restaurants! Also the cornetto looks so giulty but so amazing OMG

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