One-Pot Vegetarian Meals

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Youtuber BayleeXiong says:

The beginning music reminds me so much of Love Song

RX500 Android says:

The way they cooked the rice😭 honey nooo


Worcestershire sauce is NOT vegetarian. It is a GARUM. Made with fermented anchovies! Duh!

Bishh Wahh says:

Lol it says vegetarian yet I saw them add in heavy cream 🤦

Vishwam Baboolall says:

Bro what are these terms

Tony Mvr says:

Meatballs with pasta!? I think not lol.

Volker Gust says:

Noodles in not boiling water….wtf

Chisme With Mel says:

Me: I don’t even see a single comment about someone actually complaining about the eggs…
also me: trying to look for one of those comments for 5 min straight….

darkswordsmith says:

Omg this is so much work and ingredients, and likely more expensive than no vegetarian meal with the same macros/calories. I've been trying to switch to vegetarian for years, but the sheer amount of food prep needed is my biggest obstacle…

Samyak Jain says:

Today I came to know that everyone has different definition of Vegetarian

But correct one for an Indian Vegetarian is who dont eat animals including eggs

Sophie Redstone says:

Let’s clear it up , I’ve been vegetarian all my freaking life, so EggS are NOT vegetarian okkk, they might not be considered as “meat” but it’s still an animals and vegetarian or vegan DO NoT eat AnImaLS , vegans do not eat dairy (milk,cheese, yogurt,etc) or any animal produced food, and yes there are some “vegetarian “ who eat fish and eggs or one of them , but truly they aren’t fully vegetarian, ok bye

Margarida Vieira says:

so I did the 1:56 recipe and guys DONT USE TABLESPOONS, I LITERALLY CAN'T EAT THIS

Sherry Drake says:

Horrible music. So bad I didn't want to watch the vid.

s x r a h says:

I just noticed I’m vegetarian cause I hate meat😳🤩

michelle schweizer says:

Great video, however that creepy "oh yes" at the end is beyond disturbing.

Britney Charmaine says:

Thanks for this!

Furever Dogs!!!!!!!! says:

Here's the thing, where the heck do I get liquid smoke?

EggyRepublic says:

Eggs are vegetarian. There is no chicken, no fetus, no embryo in the eggs you eat. It isn't even fertilized.

Source: I'm an egg

juliette andrews says:

Some people here need to check their facts regarding eggs. As always, Youtube replies littered with comments by self righteous, ignorant twats.
Thank you for these great recipes (from someone who appreciates them).

Simone Mair says:

Of course, eggs are not vegetarian. They are the unborn babies of poultry and therefore def. not vegetarian

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