Responding to Anti Vegan Attacks on Subscribers

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I asked and you guys delivered HUNDREDS of anti-vegan talking points from friends, family and acquaintances so here are some of the most popular and unique claims with responses.
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Russell Curtin says:

'One third of the world's freshwater & half of the grains output' is used for animal agriculture – deeply shocking just staggering!
Keep up the good work Mic.

Kassidy Brown says:

A part two or a series would be so awesome! Super entertaining and gives me talking points for sure! I find that people patronizing me for being vegan hardly ever even want to hear my response, sadly, but I’ll still get it in there!

Toni says:

You're feeling are being hurt by people who's minds you can't change. AND WON'T.

Toni says:

Toilets? Shitting in a hole didn't kill you. Going without B12 will.

Toni says:

When did you stop eating meat? When did your grandmother become a vegan?

Herne Webber says:

MIKE: My worst thing was, after I commented on a general baking thread about a special kind of melty looking cake icing, that used gelatin, that I could sub in agar, and that it looked good. Someone asked me why, so I told them why it's not for me, because of what it is. So in the thread of people commenting on this, one man sent in a pic of a chicken he literally had just killed for lunch, saying he did it just to post for me, and threatening/promising to do a video of another for his dinner, which he said he was going to upload to that thread. For me. I simply told him to fuck off, and blocked him. I leave people like that alone, because I refuse to be his entertainment, considering everything else. He's going to do what he will do, as do all wilfully cruel, abusive people, so I left that problem of him with him.

Courtnay Power says:

Touche.. I like the one about the fruit

Ire says:

I've been a pretty strict vegan for 2 years since 13. At the beginning, I was just a mere ant, just starting out, now I'm a bull with raging knowledge and power. Also, I grew taller, which goes against the whole thing that you need meat and milk to grow.

Tyler Lutz says:

fake meat soy burgers is made in a laboratory and contributes to soil degradation and global warming. Grass finished meat doesn’t! Google life cycle assessment by white oaks pasture

Audrey Schwieder says:

The ribs… and the banana… I lost it hahahaha

Myrthe Engeman says:

wow the cows from the dairy industry who are and up as beef are lucky, some of them are just killed/burned. Because they have to much collageen. Its horrible, just don't consume it!

Time2 Eat says:

Vegans, just eat your plants and take your beatings like a vegan.

Mudisuda Raman says:

I am very candid mainly because of animal torment, when someone mocks or is sarcastic about my consuming an entirely plant based diet. I tell such persons in a polite manner that I have an advantage over them because I can tell one carcass from another. That they truly can't tell.That is why a decent burial is given to the bodies of our species while chewing on the bodies of other species. You can do all kinds of things to meat. Spice it up and add all kinds of stuff. Cook and serve it on a silver platter. But it is still a carcass. Even in the absence of empathy why would you want to continue the gruesome practice of eating dead animal parts?

Joshua Awesome says:

The most disturbing attack I've ever experienced was the former owner and the other manager of my former company wood behind my back talk about how they wanted to bring a turkey to work and kill it in front of me so they could wash my reaction. They thought it would be funny. Another one then I heard a few times from the other manager was oh, hey Josh, I just went to Subway and got a veggie sub. And then I had them add bacon and sausage and on and on and on. He would see my eyes light up when he would start the conversation. He just thought he was so fucking hilarious. Both of these people were they big animal killers spending most of their weekends murdering animals.

Flattlander Montgomery says:

The Indian population also has a high rate of lacto vegetarians. When I worked at a Thai restaurant they would get a lot of Indian families because Thai food is so easily converted to vegan/vegetarian options.

Amy Lee says:

How can any anti-vegan go after Tabitha Brown?

MyGloriaLife says:

To the religious beliefs, if you're lactose intolerant are you not allowed in that religion that worships cow's milk?

Anika Driesen says:

I feel like as long as you don't label a meal or food as "vegan" people are totally fine with it, but as soon as you describe it as "vegan", there's suddenly a need to supplement it with animal products.

Kassee Smythe says:

My brother, who became vegan about 5 years ago (three years after me) said that he has never had a vegan preach to him (not even me, his sister) but he gets a LOT of non-vegans ridiculing his choice of eating. Actually, I've found that true for me as well. I knew some vegans before I switched to a WPF diet, but they were adamant about not preaching, and I don't either. But I do get "preached at" by carnivores.

MultiU4U says:

In addition to the white people trend which wasn’t addressed , most poor people of color around the world have relied on plantbased diets. Like bro, have you SEEN what the English used to eat compared to people from India?? I promise you, eating plant based did not start with the west

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