The Jazzy Vegetarian, Laura Theodore – Vegan Creamy Cauliflower Soup

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To support Farm Sanctuary’s “What Did You Do?” campaign Chef Laura Theodore, shares her delicious recipe for vegan “Creamy Cauliflower Soup.” This creative soup recipe uses cauliflower along with some plant-based milk to stand in for the cream!

Donate to any team at by 11:59 ET October 7th and have a chance to win a private online cooking session with Chef Laura Theodore!


Felipe Lagunas says:

Felicidades!! Se ven muy deliciosos sus platillos…

Nick Von says:

cah la flowa

spontina says:

Love your vegan preparations but please "86" the corny jazzy foolishness.

Lina Strindlund says:

wow you really are jazzy! 🙂 

Rebecca Straznickas says:

Love it! Haha the singing in the intro: "cauliflower! Gets respect!"

Fern Reed says:

HI Laura, —happy to see you here on YouTube!!!   I miss you on Create.
I love soup and make it 2 times a week every week of the year!!!  I will do it your way next time I make cauilflower soup!!

bagz boo says:

Love your show. Saw a recipe for Tempah? Was half sleep, but can't remember.

Linda De Pasquale says:

Thank you for posting.. Compassion is delish!!!

OldVegan says:

That looks absolutely delicious and easy. Thank you.

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