Gordon's Quick & Simple Dinner Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

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Here are some quick and fun recipes to try out for dinner.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit ‚Äì http://po.st/REpVfP

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Krystel aggh says:

11:26 omg how do you not slap the dough lol

Sadie Robinson says:

I see Gordon, I immediately smile

LaLaLinken says:

i wonder what his pantry looks like

John Smith says:

“When making this dish it’s important to properly season your wooden spoon…”

Anthony Mustaca says:

Drinking game: Take a shot every time Gordon says “sort of”

ICryMatchaTears says:

i think they accidentally put quick & easy in the title

JUBA says:

Im glad that we can watch this beauty for free

Ayathi Kitchen says:

Nice and Simple Délicieuse Recipe..

Belinda says:

The meatballs were a work of art

unassuminggentleman says:

Need Help, I don't speak English, so what kind of pasta sheets are Gordon using?

Jr Tadpole says:

He said let the pan cook the back side of the meatball. No fucking sherlock, did you expect the table to cook them.

AtThyRightHand says:

Tomato sauce is fine.
what are you doing…

Carl Fischer says:

"A few tablespoons of cream"
Proceeds to use like 2 cups.

Lazar Zhezhov says:

Best chef ever

Prince Smith says:

The star of the show! 😁

Russell Fox says:

Gordon Ramsey freezes food?!?! I can't believe it!

Yuseo De Leon says:

These idiots. He gave you the exact measurement of each and every ingredients. If he added more than the said measurement, it's his choice. You cook your own. Clout shits

Roxanne Marie says:

he's the only one not to cry when chopping an onion

Nathan Sazon says:

“Everyday ingredients”
Me, a broke college student: looks at instant ramen packets

Chris Afa says:

Your my favorite person to watch on YouTube Gordon✊

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