My 10 Year Vegan Anniversary! Why I Am & Will Always Be Vegan

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This month marks my tenth year of being vegan! Here i share with you why I am vegan, why I went vegan, and if I’ve found there to be any negatives to being vegan.

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D L says:

Wow, that is amazing. Congratulations!

Ruth Jones says:

Followed you guys for years πŸ™‚ I am almost at my 10 year mark too. I'm 29 with two kids raised vegan <3 So glad you guys are on youtube, genuine decent people representing a vegan lifestyle x

donny 12 says:

You don't look healthy. No vegan after 5 years looks healthy without surgery. You aren't happy because your body is crying inside

James Parker says:

March next year for me, nearly ten years in and never looking back. Work in an amazing vegan place and love every second of my life. Healthy, happy, fit, and full of energy. Just wish I'd found out the truth sooner.
Congratulations on your veganniversary, you guys are so awesome. Much love ✌️&❀️

K Farnan says:

Twenty years vegan. Unless someone proves animal products are necessary,. Seems to work.

Denis Cullis says:

Ryan love the vids xden big fan x

Jason Russell says:

I am curious. I feel really good eating raw and eating lots of banana smoothies. However I saw a video recently from dr esylstyn saying that smoothies injur the endothelial cells and injur the liver. Do you have any information to put my mind at ease.

veggieowlgirl says:

I was vegetarian for ten years. Mostly vegan. Finally figured out how to do vegan and make it stick. Lab tests. My labs have been getting better and better. I had vertigo, turns out that was a twisting issue. The doctors said that the blood vessels in my brain were excellent. I have been dropping weight and eating better. I am never going back to animal products.

HalfBakedMunky says:

Vitamin D is on the low side, HbA1C is on the higher side, LDL is way high. How's your homocysteine, c-reactive protein? Blood tests do not equate to good health. They just say what your levels were at that one snapshot in time

NATURA says:

First I stop eating meat,then dairy. Now I am ready to go 100% on vegan diet

Kelci Gwatkin says:

2 years this past August! I say to everyone all the time, that I'm never going back. It's too easy and makes me feel good in every regard!

Mrs. Joy says:

The only mistake I've made about becoming vegan is that I didn't do it sooner. Was a vegetarian for 35 years until I was exposed to the truth a few years ago. Never going back, vegan for life.

Kai says:

This year is also my tenth year as vegan and I know I will never go back.

Sharon J. Smith says:

It will be 8 years for me on January 1st. I will never go back.

whofooadventures says:

Congratulations, Ryan! You look so much healthier than the early pictures you showed, you feel better, and have the blood tests to prove it. Who can argue with those results? You’re also an inspiration! Keep those videos coming!

Javier Donut says:

I’m having Ezell’s fried chicken tonight but good for you man. 10 years is impressive.

Chaos Contributor says:

Why doesn't everyone go vegan? Answer: There are quite a few different reasons, some being religion (or beliefs), lack of knowledge, to busy to care, about to die, but the most important one is confusion. Now when I say confusion, what I mean is things that cause a person to think that the reason why they suddenly feel sick is that they are eating a vegan diet, when in reality all they need is either a very specific vegan diet to be healthy, or a more specific vegan diet to be healthy. And when I say that, I mean that a lot of vegans over stimulate the idea that a vegan diet will make them feel better, from regardless of what is wrong with them (which is absolutely false). From my own experience, I once tried a vegan diet to deal with digestion pain, but I didn't notice much of a difference a ways into the diet, and later on, I even started feeling worse. This caused me to think that the vegan diet was the cause because I didn't know what else it could be. But later on, after many doctor appointments and tests, my doctor concluded that it could be a gallbladder infection, but they couldn't be sure until after they removed it (which they did remove it, and found out it was infected). But after that whole thing, I still felt hesitant to go back to a vegan diet (because the pain was traumatic). But over a year later, I decided to give it a try again (since I recovered from the trauma enough), and as a result, I have been feeling better. // So my advice to vegans and non-vegans, is to try a vegan diet, but don't think that just because you are on a vegan diet, that you're immune to health problems, because we all die at some point, vegan or not vegan.

BoccaRocka says:

Good for you man! Been 7 years for me. Not one negative effect! Nothing but positive! Better bloodwork and labs than when I was 30! I’m 55 and feel great! Always enjoyed your channel brother!

Steve Allat says:

Happy 10th, brother. Likewise, I can count the years of, too . . . and it will be fore life, so how many it will be depends on that last number *lol*. Am at 24 and counting up! Only a few years until more than 1/2 my life has been lived vegan, and I will have a nice book out soon telling the tale.

RottenPelican Hoof β“‹ says:

Ryan has aged atleast 10 years since he went vegan in 2010. This proves that the vegan diet causes aging

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