Chicago's Best Family Style: Oggi Trattoria

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Marley meets the whole family at a restaurant in West Town known for Italian classics.


Hoten Hitonokoe says:

looks delicious

Dakota of Terence says:

He can marry the lady at Kathryn's Kitchen!!!!

J R says:

Wow sister girl got some triple D'sssss, DDD cups 😜

Gemini Enteratyourownrisk says:

He’s pitching to her…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

222222e says:

She's the best for this show. She has the perfect energy with the people she interacts with, and is more tolerable than the others.

Gale Chow says:

Marley is so hot I could watch her show all day 😍

Sergio Ghiotto says:

Top, mais top Γ© a apresentadora, muita linda.

John Dough says:

Marley, you are the perfect woman. Too bad you don't have 5 sisters.

dav1099 says:

No one fills an apron out as nice as Marley does!😍 great video, thanks for postingπŸ‘πŸ‘

ruby Garcia Gonzalez says:


Ave Wes says:

The real family thought this was an engagement dinner

Bitch Please says:

What is Cesc Fabregas doing here?

VKKO Orchester says:

he is super cute

Mr N says:

"This is an Italian meal"..Not in Italy LOL

Jayesh Nair says:

He was

Asma Rahim Ali Jafri says:

Marley is so adorable!

bordaz1 says:

Se c'e una trattoria migliore a Chicago, piacerebbe sapere su di esso

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