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This tomato and fennel ragout recipe is a great alternative to the famous French ratatouille. it is somehow similar dish but it using fennel and tomato as the star of the show. Also at the beginning of the video we will practice those some mise en place skills too. 🧑‍🍳 ENROLL IN MY ONLINE COOKING CLASSES:


400 grams fresh tomato or a can of chopped tomatoes
2 medium size fennel bulb
1 medium size aubergine
2 medium size onions.
4 tablespoon of chopped parsley
4 cloves of garlic
3 to 4 tablespoon of olive oil ( for the cooking)

Note if you tomatoes or vegetables don’t render enough juice add a glass of water and some tomato sauce to add some color and moisture.

Cook covered with a lid on on low heat for 30 minutes or until the vegetable are totally cooked


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Denise Ottie says:

A good idea to sign up for online course, especially during any confinement.

Denise Ottie says:

I just made. The fennel smells so good.Wish I had also made french bread for this meal. Next time. I used Pomi finely chopped tomatoes (Italian) to get a good taste at this time of the year.

brandon c says:

I made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious

SongJiangShiJin says:

A truly remarkable recipe. It's so easy yet so delicious. I added a teaspoon of coarse brown sugar (always do with tomatoes) and a table spoon of white vinegar. Served it with rice and a nice rijoa. It was delicious. Thank you chef

Deni B says:

I made this with fennel and zucchini as I didn’t have eggplant. It was delicious as a side dish with lamb cutlets.

Denise Ottie says:

My husband won't eat fish. Should I substitute something else for the achovy? I'd like to try making soon.

mbanks79 says:

If we wanted to add anchovies, would they typically be ground before being added to the dish or are they put in whole?

LMTR14 says:

fuck vegetarians. anchovies or bust

Antonio B says:

Looks good and delicious! I also liked the way you did this recipe video, not spending too much time with the basics, remember, some of us have been following you for quite some time and have mastered the basics pretty much. If this would be a side dish what would you suggest for the maind dish? I mean not for the vegetarians. Thank you!

Kim Young says:


gwen mahan says:

I’m on a whole foods plant based diet but I love your channel and got really excited about this dish since I can have it! Going to attempt to make this❤️

Kss 20 says:

If u are going to make this dish u should really add the ansjovis, it is a bit boring without IMO

a j l says:

Thank you I love this recipe it’s all of my favourite ingredients including the anchovies! : )

Susan Scovill says:

NOT disappointed that you removed the anchovies. Variations are what cooking is all about. Your variations help us think about our own variations. Cheers from Canader eh!

Mar Ruiz says:

Delicious thanks so much

Jord Williams says:

This looks awesome, stick a white bean in there and it would be perfect. Thank you

Anna Twink says:

I thought the salt on the aubergine was to remove bitterness….not water.

Toni Lyng says:

Wow…I used to hate fennel before I moved to France. Now, I roast it with a little salt and pepper and I love it. I did not know about boiling it first. Thanks for the tip. I am making this tomorrow.

Shawn McDermott says:

I'd add anchovies for sure

M S says:

DEMI-GLACE recipe, please! Thank you.

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