Antipasti Meat Plank | Jamie & Gennaro

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If you’ve ever eaten at a Jamie’s Italian restaurant chances are you will have seen antipasti planks being taken to the table. The Classic Meat Plank is one of the most popular dishes on the menu and Jamie & Gennaro take you through why. From the provenance of the fennel salami, pistachio mortadella and artisan cheeses to the Italian music bread and chilli jam – this plate of deliciousness is bound to get your taste buds tingling.

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Lo says:

Fabulous! This is our weekly Sunday night dinner! We absolutely love it. It was great to watch. Thanks Gennaro and Jamie 🥰🌹

BladeRunner says:

I use to love watching Jamie cook but nowadays he prepares food that totally exceeds the average home cook's budget!

krish kumar says:

Why i m cooking so good

N K says:

Food magic!

Harshita Birdi says:

pecorina and chili jam is bomb!

Harshita Birdi says:

jamie omg i had this anti pas platter at your jamie's italian in singapore and in covent garden and omg it blew my mind! its my favourite thing ever!

kamilia ben yahya says:

You are just stunning chefs in the world

James Meechan says:

So can anyone tell me if you can buy all these ingredients from the local supermarket or if you have to go to an over priced Italian deli???

James Meechan says:

I think the wife and i are going to have to book a table at Jamie's Italian in nottingham again because i didnt even notice this on the menu. Wow my mouths watering now.

gulsah tekatli says:

dude meze is a turkish word and so are the mezes turkish too. just accept the turkish food facts and get over your ego @jamie !

ViperFinn says:

Love both of your personalities but from two Vegans we wish you could show the world they don't have to have animal products to have meat and cheese… I would bet money that your vegetarian platter isn't dairy free… I challenge you guys 😉

valentina de giovanni says:

please! don't put anything above mozzarella di bufala! nobody in Italy does that!

Philipp C says:

What would you put on vegetarian planks? Don't a lot of these cured cheeses contain rennet?

3uphoria says:

Could taste all the flavours just by watching, a real feast.

Chikke Ytt says:

Anyway to meet Gennaro? he has so much energi and is such an inspiration!

Ákos Straubinger says:

We have 123 vegans! 🙂

Benecio84 says:

I miss the seafood plank sooo much. It used to be always on the menu! It was great!!

Alex says:

Anti-pasti pro-cancer

shiren yegou says:

I clicked for arrested development…

ethan says:

the whole time i thought the title said "antipasti meat prank" so i watched the whole video and got confused after not seeing the prank

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