Easiest Vegan Burger Ever

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Try The Easiest Vegan Burger Ever! It is a pesto baked portobello mushroom burger with vegan cheese, red onion, tomato and basil. Simply massage the mushroom with olive oil, add the pesto, bake for 15 mins then melt the cheese on the bun and build your burger. Simple!

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Wilma Knickersfit says:

Brett are you choosy about kind of rolls you use? Do you make them or buy them?

M M says:

Love this! More recipes please!!!

Flik says:

Was expecting the pesto to be made from scratch as well tbh. Great vid otherwise!

Bev Llewellyn says:

Looks lush indeed mmmmm

Jaryn Pitkowsky says:

Looks soooo amazing! 😋

Brenda Aspey says:

This looks delicious and I love pesto, thanks for sharing Brett ✌️

JJP ! ! says:

😍👌🙌it looks so good

Running with Marc says:

I was like… Wait who is Brett Cobley, I clicked any way because of the great vegan food…. then was like ohhhhhh yeah EPIVEGAN 🙂 Great video as always

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