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Jump to 2:48 for the postage tutorial

0:00 Vlog intro
2:48 POSTAGE PAYMENT section
7:53 The rest of the vlog

A subscriber wrote me a really useful comment a while ago, explaining that you can pay for postage online, here in the UK. With many Post Office branches here in the UK temporarily closed or operating on reduced hours due to the pandemic, I thought it would be really useful for me to learn to pay for my postage online to reduce the number of trips I need to take to the Post Office during the UK lockdown, while social distancing measures are still in place.

Here’s the link to the service I used from Royal Mail:


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We’re a homeschooling/home-educating family of two based in the UK dealing with the daily challenges of managing Izzy’s severe, chronic eczema and her education. Our resourcefulness is tested on a daily basis, but we’d love to share our little triumphs and discoveries with you as we go along.

Imo is a flautist/flutist (flute player), and these vlogs will often take you behind the scenes of the life of a professional folk musician. Stand by for bits and bobs of live folk music and dance as they pop up in our day-to-day lives.

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The Happy Canadian says:

Such a great service for the post. Such a nice walk in the woods

Jamesyboy Experiment says:

Loving the Izzy intro! Nice online posting – top tip, never really thought to do this! Strong quality to be OK in your own company. 😎😍

Robert Jones says:

Oedd na hysbyseb Cymraeg cyn dechrau fideo chdi.

unowho travel channel says:

Your tutorial for postage online is really useful! We ordered a book of stamps for our shopping (click and collect), so I didn't need to go in a post office to buy any! Now I can do it online! Great stuff👍

Dave Nicholson says:

Our postage is crazy expensive.

iris desamparado says:

amazing start keep it up see you

Kidneyjay says:

Well hello intro Izzy!
I am pretty ok with my own company too.
I miss seeing all your gigging places too. 🙁

Chari Wilder says:

Just the other day I was wondering how to purchase a fountain pen from the British Isles. The currency exchange conversion stopped me. I am going to have to check if our local postal office has the open of printing postage. Although I love going to the post office. When I was a child my friends and I used to go and read the criminal notices on the bulletin board.

karen4you says:

I can't even send one thing like that for the total price. That is wonderful you can do it all online. That squishy soil proved how much rain you have been receiving. We are to have some but looks like most will miss us again. It's hotter than usual and I don't feel inclined to do walks outside for very long.

The Thrifty G'ma says:

Such a handy way to send a small packet through the mail, instead of making a trip to the post office. We have that option also, but because i send parcels, I still have to go to the post office. For letters, I always have stamps at home. My dad is in a care home and for Father's Day I mailed a lovely book of WW2 which he just loves. I sent it to my brother so he can take it to dad. Talked to my brother this morning, and he is not allowed to take the book to my dad. Because of the pandemic, the care home is not accepting any outside mail. I understand the reasons, but was still disappointed that it wasn't able to be given to my dad. He's 93, sharp as a tack, and loves books on the history of England. He served in the British Merchant Marines and has a love for anything about that too. Guess we'll just have to hope things clear up soon, so that he can read the book.
There is no way I'd be walking into the bush, no matter through a park by myself. We have too many homeless camps all over hell's half acre. They are under overpasses, in bushes, behind churches, in parks, and even in vacant homes. Just too many of them.. so many druggies.. These people are pooping all over, in the alcoves of banks, stores, churches, schools and even on sidewalks. . It's sad state for so many.
On that note… thanks for sharing your day.. Have a lovely week.. take care. 💝

Greg Renstrom says:

Izzy's a star in the making! Loved the fluting. You nailed the magic of strolls in the park. Nature is on display, calling for our gaze. My wife and I were chuckling at the printer woes, as that is our lot in life too, urgh, lol. 🤪🙂

Dong Anime Official says:

cool video, loved it

David M says:

Thanks for the brief flute tune! Hopefully gigs will come back eventually, you need to grow the musical playlist.

Bernardo Cea says:

I'm gobsmacked how Izzy did the intro…With her sassy smile and made up eyelids she looks like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. Who knows if in ten years'time she becomes a movie star and more than a film studio offers her heaps of dosh before signing her up…Incidentally ,did you wrap up deadheading some of your plants…? Gosh ,the amount of twigs ,leaves and petals on your garden must be a never ending story…

George Maier says:

When i was 16 i earned a little income by selling things on amazon and got quite adept at the online postage system. Although a lot of the things i posted were larger packages, so i still had to drop them off in the post office, it saved a massive amount of time there because you'd be able to literally walk up and drop a big pile of packages on the parcel drop counter (which they had in my branch) and then walk out within a minute. Much faster than having to go through weighing each item at the counter and telling them the details for each.

Rex. Georg III says:

thinks arent going to get back to nor for a while

Gayle Crabtree says:

We've been able to print postage for packages for years in the U.S. We can just hand them to the carrier when the mail is delivered. It's a real time saver Quick dinners like that are a real time saver. The birds are very sweet. Feeding and identifying the birds is educational. Glad you got some time to be outdoors.

evancortez2 says:

I too would rather have my own company – it's quiet, I can hear myself think 🙂

evancortez2 says:

I've actually never used the online postage thing – I sell things on ebay a lot and I always go to the post office to send it out.

Worms Eye View says:

Are you imposing stereotypes on that poor holly leaf 🤣🤣

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