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In this video, I’m showing you guys three stupidly lazy and easy vegan recipes that you guys can whip up in less than 15 minutes. To be honest, they each probably take only about 10 minutes… 10 minute vegan dinners?! Yes please. They are so easy to make yet they are still delicious!! These are perfect for those nights when you get home from work or school and you are feeling especially lazy and tired.

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RECIPES + INGREDIENTS – https://www.thecheaplazyvegan.com/easy-vegan-recipes-for-lazy-people/

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dmfc04 says:

Meijer stores sell the Udon noodles in the vegan section by their fresh produce. They're already cooked and come with a little seasoning packet. I recently stumbled onto these by accident and ended up buying out all they had. I boil up some mixed veggies and add the noodles and seasoning packet for a quick and easy low calorie vegan meal.

Andrew Murphy says:

Garlic should NOT be brown, otherwise it tastes bitter!

PA Kumar says:

Does pasta has egg is it made with egg and flour

No says:

My sister is pregnant at the moment and she can’t stand meat right now. This video has been helpful. Thank you.

Tracy Exton says:

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Jacob Siebert says:

Can you do a paper book too?

Indy R says:

Another Vegan recipe that’s totally worth the 15 minutes you will need to make it sooo easy to make and very healthy

Rob Newton says:

ive given up watching. 1min 45secs. thanks

Catnip For The Soul says:

You are my favorite vegan cook on YouTube! I was afraid going vegan would mean eating gross food but your recipes are delicious! Thank you so much for keeping me well fed! The undon noodle/ tofu recipe is one of my favorite meals ever now. Also I like to add sirache mixed with soy sauce and maple syrup to all of my stir fries now. Thanks again!

Gail Britto says:

They look easy to make. I will certainly try them out.

Janice Dickens says:

I made the decision to be come a pescatarian and today is the first day. I may take baby steps (as someone else mentioned) to becoming a full blown vegan. I loooooooooove your videos and I bought your book of recipes! I have a lot of weight to lose…about 75-100 pounds, so this will be a big life change. According to my docs, I’m healthy but overweight and I’d like to get control over my health before it becomes even more serious than just being overweight. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Not Me says:

If you could make a video with soy free gluten free ingredients I would be SO happy. I’m not vegan but. I don’t eat meat and a lot of protein substitutes I cannot eat because of my allergies. Thanks dad!

Amiya F says:

My macaroni cheese ain’t come out this way 😭😭

mom August says:

are the noodles vegan?

French Montana says:

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Рику *** says:

Just found your channel and I absolutely love it! It really inspires me to get up and make healthy vegan food instead of fries and eat vegan chocolate all the time. Thank you ❤️

Jenna Girl says:

Cheap and lazy= perfect for me lollll

Juliana Goncalves Chagas says:

Here’s a great and very accessible vegan book with 72 amazing and creative recipes! Hurry up and get yours 🙂

Martina Calcagno says:

How do I make pumping puree?

Christie Morgan says:

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