Best Plant-Based & Vegetarian Meat Substitutes 2020: Cauldron, Vivera, Quorn, Linda McCartney Review

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DISCLAIMER: Not ALL of these products are vegan. Cauldron sausages and southern fried bites contain egg.

These are my favourite meat substitutes! Let me know if you like them or have any others you prefer in the comments. Timings below.

Timings of review:
Cauldron Sausages – 0:40
Vivera Mince – 2:25
Quorn Nuggets – 3:55
Linda McCartney Meatballs – 5:50

Interested in if we should be using palm oil? Watch my video on it:

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Ffion Gould says:

Have u tried Linda McCartneys sausage rolls , honestly the best ..


You do realise that the Cauldron sausages are NOT vegan as it contains egg? Neither are the quorn southern fried bites, or the quorn mince! Try the new Richmond sausages as they are vegan and very nice, for curry’s the vivera chicken or “what the cluck chicken” are fantastic.

Jane Breo says:

Love all of these recommendations!! Have you tried the Naturli mince? It's so good!

Kelly Van Diessen says:

Bless you 🙂

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