5 Things to do With… Eggs | Food Tube Classic Recipes | #TBT

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We’ve plundered our archives to bring you some of our classic videos that you might have missed in our new Throw Back Thursday series.

Let us know what theme or ingredient you would like to see in the comments below!

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Waggy Baggy says:

WRONG SOOOO WRONG you should have Gennaro do his zabaglione !!!!

Luana Giani says:

Only Gennaro is able to use 3 pans at the same time

Syn Brian says:

I dont think these chefs know what a tablespoon of olive oil is

MrGrape 58 says:

i dont think on the first one Jamie did his hair

world citizen G says:

each time I tried to make Frittata with Gennaro method, it just became omelette

Tanisha Shriyan says:

Gennaro's energy radiates and makes me wanna make not 3 but 6 of that dish❤❤❤❤

Victoria Brown says:

Awesome! Gennaro is THE BEST!!

chad jardi says:

To make a perfect poached egg, drink it raw then take a hot shower.

P4ULD0Z3R says:

HowToBasic joined the chat

DaBigPig says:

Pause at 5:25

FlyingJustToFall says:

The Gennaro fritatta video, is probably the best cooking video on all of youtube

cedriklizotte says:

When the cocktail dude says "curacao" instead of "cointreau" and I go 🙄🙄🙄

TalibowyPL says:

0:53 – how many oil you can add? From 500 ml to a pint? But pint is 560 ml, right? Can somebody explain this to me?

ahmed shifaan says:

Gennaro and energy, one without the other is impossible

Spoods 'The Milkman' Milkano says:

I always thought MF Doom would be black…

Err or says:

Girls When they fighting 1:45

Dora *** says:

Lovee it😋😍

Mark Newman says:

Your madness for Extra Virgin Olive Oil is annoying
I use good veg oil for everything.
I have noticed no,difference.
And your free range eggs!
Who notices?
Stop helping supermarkets!
You may get paid,but we don't.

peroh says:

MF DOOM's MM…FOOD playlist leads to this?

Blue Wolfie says:

On 5:23 he did a ridiculous dance🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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