Classic Tarte Tatin | Jamie Oliver | Jamie’s Food Escapes (2010)

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As part of our 20 Years of Jamie celebrations, we’re bringing you this beautiful, rustic Tarte Tatin that Jamie made on his trip to the French Pyrenees. It’s a fantastic combination of apples, caramel, butter, and vanilla served up on some flaky puff pastry, and even a little bit of ice cream to go with – delicious!

Jamie’s Food Escapes originally aired on Channel 4. If you’re UK based you can watch Jamie programmes on All 4

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Cook & Bake says:

It seems delicious but not pretty at all😕

Hotaru Ito 伊藤螢 says:

これは本当に素晴らしく、準備が簡単で迅速でしたが、とても美味しかったです。 私は人生でこれ以上おいしいタルトタタンを食べたことはありません。

Oliver sensai
This tarte was really really amazing, easy and quick to preparet but so delicious. I never ate anything more delicious tarte tatin in my life.
Thank you very much for this amazing recipe!

Milan Stojilovic says:

I'd mistaken the prunes in the ice cream for prawns and was wondering – has this man just gone straight coo-coo crazy?!

yuşa says:

Is it gluten free?

Lin King says:

What kind of prpfessional chef use pre-packed shortcrust pastry?

Mariana PTKS says:

He forgot to cut some holes in the pastry for the steam to come through

Ezgi Genç says:

Ridiculous beautiful :)) Health to your hand.

Beatrice Nkundwa says:

I love the tarte tatin.

Svetlana T says:

I watched it again, as it was in my liked video, and wanted to like it again

Karim hamed saleh says:

100ml of what?

Alfredo Ramos Martín says:

Hola Jamie! Antes de nada quiero felicitarte por todas tus recetas y libros, sin duda hay un gran trabajo detrás y qué menos que reconocerlo. Ayer hice la tarta tatín de manzana y literalmente se ha convertido en uno de mis postres favoritos. Con helado de vainilla es simplemente impresionante!!! Un millón de gracias por todo lo que aportas al mundo de la gastronomía 🙂

Nick K says:

I think half the amount of sugar in that recipe will do me just fine

Li Einigkeit says:

the best for you!!! lovely recipe! thanks!👌

Lee McCarthy says:

Perhaps you can teach 1300 people how to cook cheaply.

쿠키 COOKee Kitchen says:

my cooking teacher👍👏

XE DB says:

Happy birthday Jamie Oliver!

Onkel Jamie says:

Happy Birthday, Jamie!!! 🎉🎊
Wish you luck! 😀

es Gmes says:


druss69 harad says:

Should be on Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares lol,see if Gordon can rescue him hahahaha.

The Food Lord says:

The only thing that comes close to this is a stellar galette

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