The BEST Beef Stew Recipe

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‎Seriously, the best beef stew recipe ever, with slow-braised beef, chunky mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and peas. This soup recipe is so aromatic and delicious, it’s bound to become a family favorite!

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William Heyman says:

Very excellent recipe. And I am 82 and my father owned restaurants and I did some of this very European cooking. And what I would do is just about this. Except that I de-glaze the pan with red wine. And if you do not cook with red wine then I recommend going to McDonald's and staying there, and do not bother the cook. Also corn starch instead of flour. Beef stock. But this is a very great recipe. You cannot go wrong, and make a lot. It is even better the next day. Oh, hot rolls to sop up the gravy.

Frogmanpipes says:

Reglazing with water seems like such an amateur move?

Harry Schultze says:

Deglaze with wine never water. Just my opinion.

Chester Copperpot says:

I switched off when she said she had a husband

Ingo Hoffmann says:

damn, lovely 😉

joanne smith says:

good recipe , but far to much oil , butter and salt i would cut that down a lot , making a healthy meal , unhealthy

Phi Do says:

Wow, nice! Love it.

Yvette Bowles says:

It doesn't look like stew. It does however look like a delicious vegetable beef soup. Like my mouth is watering. I've never cooked with wine. But I have seen a few recipes that use red wine. So I may need to buy some. I want to try this, red wine and all. Who knows, I may just like some of these recipes that use it.

Shelly Norris says:

I need that pot!! Where can i get it!?

cocomilk 2013 says:

Could I cook this soup without a wine?

Taguagirl says:

Got my pot of stew cooking right now. Made this like 4 times already and my family wont let me try another recipe.

James Galloway says:

Stew tonight.

SlupitaB says:

Thank u. Just like momma use to make

Von Nofavors says:

All u need is some rice 😍😍

Jim Bob says:

Her husband is a very luck man

George BBB says:

I made this not long ago. Surprised how good it was. The only thing I changed added lots of hot chilli sauce.

olrik666 mortimer says:

Deglazing with water is a sin against humanity. You're cancelled.

Bogart E says:

Add minced garlic & chopped onions first before you put in your beef for more flavor in the browning process of your beef.

Patrick Porter says:

You do not ever put potatoes peeled or unpeeled into a Brown Stew. Stew should be served with mashed potatoes , preferably made from floury potatoes. None of your pentland dells or king edwards. Kerrs Pink or golden wonders. There is no taste in the world like stew and mashed potatoes.

Writer's Block Of Cheese says:

What green vegetable can i substitute for the peas? Would broccoli be ok?

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