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Indian food recipes pack a punch of tasty flavor!

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Personificationofa Crisis says:

The indian mom inside me died when i saw them adding onions before garlic

Personificationofa Crisis says:


Pizza Princess says:

As an indian, not everything is chicken. We also have dosas, paneer, idli and many other things

Yam Yam says:

I love indian food so tasty and yummy

waves of hopes says:

Repeat after me….indians never use readymade sauces in cooking!!! Never!!!

Chethana Mohan says:

As an Indian….I would like to inform that we have many food recipes… actually to say…we have diverse recipes….you guys are showing the same thing again and again..
Moreover whot he hell adds lot of turmeric in the food?
This is ridiculous

Sindhu Mol says:

who adds that much of garam masala powder ..

AR Clips says:

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Prakhar Shrivastava says:

U guys made butter chicken 69 ways n named it different as if we dont hve other styles of cooking……improve yr damned research!

Sheetal Soni says:

Plzz guys the recipe show are not Indians at all 😂😂😂

Sheetal Soni says:

India is the country with highest rates of vegetarianism but not even a single recipe with vegetables

Angel says:

I’m offended on so many levels. Cringed at the amount of garam masala powder they used. 3 tsp for such small amount of chicken. There is an order of putting things in the hot pan, can’t just put cinnamon anytime we like. And we don’t use olive oil for chicken. It’s either Mustard/sunflower oil in north or coconut/peanut oil in south India.

Gaurav Malhotra says:

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Raisa Kathotia says:

U could also add vegetarian food cuz we Indians have a diverse culture and diverse food.
U could do jain food items also.just an idea

Yaso Palani says:

Ok there’s more to Indian food than just chicken….

Japish Thukral says:

Dear foreigners , with due respect we consent you that we Indians don't only eat chicken curry and rice . We have a big variety of foods ranging from non vegetarian to vegetarian and we dont eat beef in India

Ummehaani Nasir says:

I wonder how'd they make dal chawal…….

Samia arif says:

They missed roti..

Sanika says:

Indian food is wayyy more diverse than this. And not even one vegetarian dish, also every dis doesn't have chicken in our country
Like where's my pav bhaji, pani Puri, aloo paratha, puranpoli, dosa, pokode, vada pav, misal, pohe, panner kadhai, bhel, idli, veg biryani, samosa, dahi vada, chat, kothimbir vadi, laddu, rasgulle, ras malai, kalakand, shrikhand, amrakhand, bhakri, thecha, gulaab jaamun, kachori, meethi matar malai, malai kofta, veg kolapurikela mishti doyi, vada sambar, rassam, mug dal halva, gajar ka halva, kulcha, rumali roti, sev pav, basket chaat and muchhhh more😋 AND VERY IMPORTANT DAL CHAVAL


khoti bana tu seekh le dhoti
tune meri recipe cheat ki hai

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