Tom Selleck sucks at making Vegan Magnum Ice Creams!

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These taste much better than they look. Just like me 🙂


Sustainable_Shores says:

I'm not vegan but your videos are bloody hilarious lol (and your recipes look delicious too! 🙂

Nikita Henderson says:

I was trying to pay attention to your video but kept falling off my chair and the eye's are full of water from the laughter.

Loïc Quivron says:

WHat in ZA WARUDO did I just watch?

Lazarus Live says:

Who’s a clever boy? I am rawrawrawra
When you threw the ice cream, I 💀 laughing. You’re so damn funny

Doggy kat Treat says:

Isn’t ice cream made of milk

korvisca petrova says:

I'm a baby vegan and I love this channel

BlacKatLeftism YT says:

This is ysac if he was vegan


Your still a funny guy, obviously by nature .that's what happens on here(Earth with these nuts) Depression..xx

Lotte D. says:

THIS IS A MESS! But very entertaining 😀

Alía Lunnarcita says:

Oh my gaaaaaaaad, I can't stop laughting!!!

Craig Weston says:

have to give u a thumbs down, just because I would have expected to see u in a g

varsha balamurali says:

This is DEFINITELY the hardest I've laughed at a food video

Aidan Homer says:

am in stitches watching this at work! Hilarious!

Betsy Smith says:

You ARE loved.

L. says:

But only "sex" at 0:38? It has become a Disney video 😂

mentaSko says:

I miss your videos! Can I have more of them please?

chris filichia says:

Dude I'm lmao for real the whole video. I mean bloody fantastic. The food looks great. I'm gonna try some of your stuff for sure. Thanks and keep up the funny. Vegan cooks need funny like u.

JustJay says:

I think there are vegan magnums now🤔

Johnny M says:

That's a hot ass :3

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