Indian style Vegetarian spaghetti recipe – Tomato spaghetti recipe

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Indian style vegetarian spaghetti recipe adding tomato puree. Inspired by Italian tomato spaghetti, I have tried in Indian style. Do try it for your breakfast or dinner ! Please check the link below for recipe with step by step pictures.

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ajith kumar says:

This is sherin favorite food. Superb

soumya vinukonda says:

It was so yumm. I tried it and came out very well.

ramakrishnan sankaran says:

I think you overcooked the spaghetti . Though the overall recipe is good .

fatema badami says:

Can we use other oil instead of olive oil

Nikita S says:

The idea of blanching tomatoes in the boiling spaghetti is so clever!

jassi rakhra says:

Can we add leftover water to the pan??

Dia Jha says:

What is difference between spaghetti and noodles

Asodiya Sonal says:

Nyc its delisious

jamikhan khan says:

thank u 31 July. 2017

Anu Ahmed says:

One of the best and simplest spaghetti recipe! Love it and will try for sure ❤

Himanshu Kardam says:

chitra mam ur recipe is awsome

Raju Kattamanchi says:

thanks. its simple and looks delicious

sujatha sujatha says:

Awesome chitra

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