Post Ride Nutrition: Vegan Bolognese & Gelato

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Nutritious and delicious food is what every bike rider needs when they finish their training. In this video WorldTour nutritionist Nigel Mitchell shows Dan how to cook two recipes from our NEW ‘Plant Based Cyclist’ Book – A delicious protein packed bolognese and a tasty pistachio Gelato from vegan ingredients.

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Raphael Cremer says:

I am a big fan of GCN, the channel is the reason why I started riding a road bike! BUT, and take it from a Peruvian, you need to always wash Quinoa. Unwashed Quinoa has sapomine that is bad for you and has a horrible taste!

Wow Seb says:

I want that royal canyon so bad. None of the shops around me have this in their inventory and I need to get fit for a bike before I just order it from Canyon. Never owned a road/gravel bike nor have I ridden a drop bar bike. Anyone have any sizing recommendations for a 5'9 dude ?

Karl Siegl Folienart says:

This guy is a sensation ! I read the book and changed completely to plant based dietary. Thanks also to Dan for the cool presentation 😊

Christopher Fritz says:

Quinoas has a bitter water-soluble coating that should be rinsed off. A fine mesh sieve won’t allow the seeds to run away with the water.

Camille McGregor says:

Really appreciate the emphasis on plant based cooking. I’m not a strict vegetarian but I do like to limit my meat eating and I’m always happy to learn about nutritious plant based recipes.

neil moses says:

All plants have all the ameno acids where are the vegetables? Well not be bayi g his book! Lacks a lot of nutritions. If you use organic soya it will not be fortified with junk

Ian Laker says:

Just got the book recently. It's great and really accessible in terms of understanding the nutritional aspects and ensuring you eat the right amounts to fuel rides. I've made the flapjacks for my Saturday ride tomorrow

Cristopher Palavisini says:

I'm italian, now I'm dead… for us food is an important thing and recipe are very sacred, so please dont touch Ragù alla bolognese.

Ildebrando Aires says:

Really enjoying the book. Thanks a lot. Congrats!!!

beeble2003 says:

Never heard of Hendersons but, if it's basically vegan Worcestershire sauce, then any mushroom ketchup should do the trick.

Steven Knight says:

You can never quite tell if Dan is taking the piss – very subtle.

The British Urchin Company says:

Genuine LOL here at, “Yorkshire?”, “No, Ambridge.” 👨‍🌾😂

yew nam mak says:

Hey GCN, I think this is a good idea. Please do more videos on health food for cyclist.

Erik says:

wow. you actually cannot have something worse than vegan garbage after exercise. Dummies, you need protein, lots of it with slightly faster carbs after a workout. I cannot stand the BS vegan eat bugs and cucking happening lately.

Matthew Lewis says:

Wow. And the GCN guys thought the helmet debate amongst cyclists was virulent…

Julian Allen says:

Any chance you can put the recipe and quantities on the screen at the start? That way one can get the ingredients ahead of time rather than sit through the video twice or more.

Lorenz Map TV says:

No keto recipe for cyclist? 👀

Toran Sharma says:

Is the vegan Quorn mince new, can't see anything on the Quorn website about the recipe being changed or a new product having been released.

A Mas.0 says:

Are you supposed to throw up before or after eating this?

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