Plant Based Fast Food Isn't Health Food

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Many fast food restaurants are now creating products with plant-based meat substitutes that are pretty convincingly meatlike. Some of these chains are positioning these foods as “healthier options.” Sorry to be a party pooper, but they aren’t really healthier than normal fast food.

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Ghungroo Seth says:

Where can I buy his book?

Pnoch Eowell says:

I don't eat meat because I find our mass framing of animals and slaughter disgusting…. but I'm not going to eat Meat substitutes either. I don't see the point….

Amber Stacey says:

I get really frustrated by the persistent idea that meat substitutes aren't made for vegetarians – I'm vegetarian because I don't believe animals should die for me to have a specific meal, it has nothing to do with not liking the taste of texture of meat. I like both and genuinely miss them, but not enough to eat dead stuff.

tabaks says:


Kyle says:

I think most people are worried that these meat substitutes are worse, or cancerous or something.

Lizzy Chan says:

Nothing made from soybean is healthy

AirPlayRule says:

Wow, you left out how:
Impossible Whopper has 0 Cholesterol, which is way less than the regular Whopper. most vegetarian protein is good like that.

meat also has many short term risks involving food poisoning, n long term risks. modern meat is packed with hormones forced onto animals. it also uses more land/water.
all the studies I've seen shows vegetarians do better when it comes to obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. n of course, it's better karma.

P.S Click the sub/bell icons on channel Playitalready for a fun/helpful future vid I plan to help make, with details/evidence on this topic, in case i don't see your reply due to bad notification issues or me just being busy lol.

Minerva Li says:

I mean if you eat one burger per meal 600~700cal doesn't seem to be too much. Avoid fries and soft drink are the key when talking about fast food

Moira Prime says:

Remember kids, Vegan or Vegetarian isn't always healthy. The popcorn and butter at a movie theater are 100% vegan, but the butter is "butter flavored soybean oil" and it's 125 calories per tablespoon.

Underdog Rising says:

I'm also concerned that plant based proteins are typically not as soluble as meat based proteins. It isn't necessarily better for the environment since forests are being cut down to make room for soy crops in places like Brazil. There is also the issue of exposure to chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are also not good for the environment.

John Smith says:

This is such good news! If we can replace meat and save the planet, let's do it!

JN-MM B says:

Ah, the broad definitions that fall under the term "better." It's great that large companies are receptive to the public interest in healthier options… though maybe they should tackle the mayo and fries before they put more work into the meat product. Oh, and it's making vegetarian friends mad because they can't buy the impossible burger because Burger King has such a high demand now that they can't get one to make at home!

Shawn Wilburn says:

It's not about health, it's about sustainability and personal views on ethical treatment of animals.

Joe Julian says:

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Ben Walker says:

I don't eat plant based meats because they are healthy, I eat them because apparently they are better for the environment, and I think they will become more and more environmentally friendly over time, so I think it's a good concept to put my money behind.
I don't always eat vegetarian, I just believe that every small bit helps, so this is how I try and make a difference

babz anderson says:

Just another meat funded commercial..of course vegan junk food isn't health food neither is meatard junk food….no human needs to eat meat .

JHades Dev says:

It's still relatively healthier, due to the lack of animal hormones, and also due to the lack of bacteria present in decomposing carcasses like e. coli and many others, that are one of the main sources of food poisoning. It's not much healthier, but the claim can be made that it's less bad, besides being much better for the environment. It tastes almost the same, so I don't see why not give it a try by environmental reasons alone.

Morlev44 says:

Of course "beyond meat" isn't healthier. "It's good for planet" is just a PR spin of "it's cheaper to produce than real meat". Interestingly "beyond meat" patties are more expensive to buy than regular. They must be making crazy buck off those soylatte sippers.

Jay R says:

1:33 – "The impossible burger even bleeds like meat"
What kind of retard doesn't properly cook a beef burger patty?

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