Vegetarian "Meat" Sauce

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Tom Woodard says:

How many people is this for and how long does it take to cook?

Sequoya Miles says:

Could I use this sauce for eggplant lasagna?

RSN: Agriculture: #1 Rank in Castle Wars says:

Goodful, you should rename this video to "Vegan" not vegetarian meat sauce. Vegetarian implies theres probably eggs or milk in it. i.e animals. Vegan means theres no animal derivatives and is completely animal free. You will get more views because all the vegans like myself skip right over your video because it says vegetarian and not vegan. I took a chance and decided to watch this even though it didnt say it was vegan. The difference is very very important to vegans and it will only benefit you to change the title to let vegans know its an animal friendly meal (:

ZannaDanna says:

ATK has the exact same recipe. Kind of a funny coincidence. That's super tacky if you stole it.

Brian D. says:

I agree with the other comments on more video's of VEGETARIAN dishes please. Those are harder to find. VEGAN meals are much easier to find on YouTube. Plus you'd be helping a much wider audience…meaning that if you're just trying to eat healthier a couple times a week vegetarian food would be far more approachable than vegan. Either way thank you- the quality of you're videos are great and the food looks GREAT!

KekRetorded Epic says:

Vegans aware weird

Nelly Jazzson says:

That was just a pot of lies.😂

0beyer says:

Vegans are the reason why global warming is rising.

Irsyadcoolboy says:

What type of stove is that? Very interesting…

Hardcore Cookie says:

I tried it! It's delicious but additionally I put a small diced carrot in. My friend actually said: "since when do you put meat in your sauce? " 😀

big dog says:

I will try this recipe,it sounds like it could be nice,but found the video to be irritatingly fast,please slow it down so we can take notes

Marissa Roberts says:

Wow that looks amazing

Dolphin Scream says:

i just buy veggie meat the one with soy but this is good too

Magisterial Voyager says:

Thank you for sharing more of this plant-based recipe.

Also, it's safe to label this video not only vegetarian, but also vegan, since all the ingredients are plant based.

MrLastermers says:

Has anyone actually tried this? I really don't like mushrooms because of the taste and texture… But Im trying to eat healthier! Wondering if the mushroom taste/texture is strong/noticeable?

Homosapien No94628 says:

Any substitutes for mushrooms?? I'm allergic to them

Deedee Guthrie says:

I can't wait to try this.

Harini says:

I'd probably use cannelini beans instead of chickpeas but this looks pretty good!

I love Animals says:

Green lentils too add texture and bulk

BOOP 1 says:

I don’t really crave meat, and honestly I don’t like the cruelty that comes with getting it to my plate. I’m not old enough to move out, and I have parents who believe you CANNOT survive without meat. Should I become vegetarian in the future, or start limiting my meat intake now?

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