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The goal of SauceStache is to continue trying something new, something new to me and something different.
I find inspirations from you the SauceSquad and my constant hunt of social media to see what food is being made around the globe and how can I try to make it. Lets try to make some food and have fun!!


fecreate says:

Can we talk about the amount of times his glasses kept changing throughout the video?😂

A S says:

I also thought those clear glasses looked great on you! Funny enough they remind of me of chemistry goggles. So suitable for your food experiments!

Gary J says:

Who the hell would ever want to eat this?

Kiddsoul82 says:

How about this…Create or use a shrimp mold to form the shape of a shrimp! I think they sell food-safe shrimp molds where you could make candy. But just imagine duplicating a mold and pumping out several hundred vegan shrimp! It's a great idea! You would just have to know which kind of food-safe silicone to buy for making molds.

lorenzo bell says:

Hey love this video been plant based for 5 years not and I’m interested in know how you would be able to make a crawfish out of burdock root there’s this place seasoned vegan that is famous for their craw fish po‘bow sandwiches it’s tastes just like craw Shrimp and it would be cool if u make a video explains this process , dope channel 🍤🥟🥬🥑🥥

John Hedger Guitar Studio says:

I did my first attempt at this tonight! Ordered the chemicals from Modernist Pantry. Also, I ordered some lobster mushrooms from Oregon Mushrooms with the idea of incorporating them into this shrimp recipe. My lobster shrimp looked and tasted better although just the basic shrimp tasted good as well. I sautéed the lobster strips and dipped them into the alginate batter, then into the calcium chloride water and let them float a short while. This way the batter made a smooth blanket over the mushroom strips and it seemed to work and look much better than when I tried to form shrimp from the batter by hand. It's real easy to mix too much chloride into the alginate batter and have it solidify a bit too much and develop too stringy a texture to form solid shrimp that won't fall apart. I have photos but on my phone don't see a way to share them in this comment. I'm making my shrimp to do a vegan gumbo this weekend. Thank you so much for posting this video on making shrimp! These may not look all that great but definitely tast so much better (and cook better) than a lot of the veggie yam and konjac powder shrimp and prawns I've bought through Asian suppliers in the past. Those look perfectly like shrimp but taste nothing like seafood and do not cook well at all!

JoAnne Andrews says:

Dude, You are so bad-ass! Just discovered your videos today. New subbie!

softbatch! says:

There's more detail about those glasses than there is about the shrimp.

VeggiePals says:


Elaine Yvette says:

I'm deathly allergic to seafood, so I think when this video first came out I ignored it. But for some reason today I had a taste for shrimp tacos, lol. I remembered you did a video on vegan shrimp, and wow, this is amazing!

Daddy Shiva the Alkhemist says:

What’s the point of being vegan if you’re just going to invent fake versions of meat? That’s like saying youre a virgin but you’ll still do butt stuff because it “doesn’t count”.

Trouble Man says:

Sure, give it another try.

Loreena B says:

I was never a seafood person and even as a longterm vegan, vegan seafood still grosses me out if it's too realistic. I've had vegan shrimp once and I'm on the fence about it 😂

Maddison Rosa says:

What’s the exact ingredients?

[대한]Daehan says:

Why does the thumbnail shrimp have pink lines and not in the video?

Briana Garza says:

Fun part about this is that you don't have to worry about deviening them!!! Bx it's vegan! I think I'm going to try this and make coconut shrimp with a red Thai chili sauce if i get that chance!

Ed Lo says:

These vegan channels are so disingenuous y'all swear that tastes like a real shrimp.

Shagufta Khan says:

What is the possible shelf life of this? Really keen on getting some kind of insight on this. Thank you!!

D Fazo says:

Looks like worms should have breaded them

Eifion Phillips says:

Would piping them be better?

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