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Jimmy Carr’s ultimate one liner compilation! A compilation for people who don’t have time for long-winded jokes!

The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face – it’s like the moon.)

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Pengu says:

Why was the women at 0:13 so salty at everything. So annoying

Ethan Andrews says:

0:53 oh she did not like that.

Kretaros Darker says:

4:20 Someone pls link me the full show of this clip. Thank you 😘😝👌

Rahoz Karim says:

Do you smile buddy or losing braincells, me i just don't remeber anything but still smile

cricketbat09 says:

"What is the definition of a pessimist? Someone who puts prunes on their All-Bran."

D1CKCraft CG says:

0:54 she mad af

Justap Erson says:

This is horribly put together

hooman mohimani says:

Someone please explain the only got 5 months to live joke please I'm sorry I'm too dense

ohyupyup1 says:

Last thing uploaded was 5months ago…. when's some new content coming

GitarStu says:

Triggered! 0:14 0:54

super t says:

if an amnesiac got alzheimer's would they forget that they couldn't remember anything XD

Just Vin says:

I can't spell constipation…but I can work it out with a pen.

Abdullah Dakhaikh says:

Carpet cleaner?

Gauge says:

Funny like Don Rickles. The English are thirty years behind.

lidya djemal says:

I had great expectations for great expectations. I was dissapionted.

Der Shogun says:

I still don't get the one with the carpet cleaner ?

Mr Fantastic says:


Rahul Dutt says:

I told my girlfriend to get a life… 9 months later she did…🤐

JustinBieber says:

This is so lame…. not funny

GabrielleO9 says:

Absolutely love it!

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