Chicago's Best Vegetarian: Chowpatti

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Ted Brunson is at a self-proclaimed vegetarian oasis in Arlington Heights.


M. S. says:

Compare Indian food with Chinese food in your vedio. Indian foods are always hygienic .

shweta shetye says:

what irritating music is that!

Jon Doe says:

Terrible and horrible food, no flavor just rutt,never ever waste your money in here


Pronounce well ok you fools


Its choupati

Reisbel Nieto says:

Hi, I'm Reisbel, it's a pleasure to greet you, I'm happy to think that you like animals and nature, and I want to give you the opportunity to try my company's products. THEY ARE VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE🙌 see with your own eyes what it is about I'm @vegan_store2.0 on instagram, all products have a 30-day guarantee so you can try them without obligation 🤍🌱

upendra chaudhari says:

eating pizza in an indian veg restaurant is quite phenomenal

Prateek P says:

This resturant is now closed

Love Nature says:

We Indians have a lot of Vegetarian dishes. And we are so happy, that we have a great combination of vegetarian food.

Gaurav Agrawal says:

I don't know when am gonna visit Chicago, but am surely gonna visit Chowpatti. Thanks, Youtube for the recommendation.

Swayamdip Bhatshankar says:

22 pages MENU

Mv Akhil says:

It's NOT chowpatti…. It's called chapatti/roti

Anshuman Rohella says:

Indian Granny making that food… it's oughta be great !!

Food Chemistry says:

awesome looks delicious

VJ Goud says:

Indian foods make u forget meat believe me I'm a non vegetarian sayin this

Abhishek Sharma says:

Eat vegetarian, stay healthy, energetic and fit.. without obesity..😇

self study says:

8 years ago

Rashmi Purohit says:

Very nice delicious and healthy food
Indian food is the best

Arup Dutta says:

working from home, waiting for lunch and watching this….why???????????

prakash arjun Bodwade says:

I can see old lady struggling to serve the tables, but then it is US of A

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