Making Magnum Strawberry Cider – Part 2

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Unedited is better for things like this and cooking.. if your walking through a field for 2 hours to see a roc post then edit it

BLeeKs Bent Bits says:

Besides temprature- which Im sure is the main culprate -did you remember to purge air as gases started to pressurise keg?
A layer of air could cause the yeast to go rouge if not purged a couple of times in first few days, but dont dump all pressure, needs only to be done early in that part of cycle…

big daddy sand castle says:

Ian is the Austin Powers of 2020.

East_Coast_Vagrant says:

Longer videos bro!

l willoughby says:

You should make the channel your own folk. I personally prefer a bit longer vid as I am lorry driver and have them on while driving long hours.

Chris Thornley says:

Ian it shame that went so wrong. 🙁Might be worth trying a cider again towards the later end of October when it’s cooler. The long detailed videos are great 👍🏻 shows the steps needed in a non rushed manner.

Andrew Jenkins says:

Longer videos Ian 🤔👏👏👏


Nice very nice indeed 👌

The haunted Coachman says:

That was a shame having to pour it away

2B Grilled says:

Try a rooter on the tooter, it might leave a booter but it makes for a finner brine for dining mate

Dan Desjardins says:

I don't really drink but when I buy a 6 pack it's useally Molson Special Dry

MENTAL RS4 says:

Longer video’s Ian 👍

The haunted Coachman says:

Definitely prefer the Longer Videos Ian

kentuk says:

Longer videos are better mate 100%

Ram Francisuk says:

How is Ian so slim with all that beer drinking. I would have expected a beer belly

B3tanTyronne says:

Lament the ferment 🙁

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