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When chefs Jeremiah Stone & Fabian von Hauske first opened Contra in 2013, their goal was to create an affordable six-course tasting menu on the Lower East Side of New York. That later morphed into a Michelin-starred restaurant with a vegetarian tasting menu that captures contemporary New York City on a plate.

Chas Truslow

Associate Producer
Phoebe Melnick

Phoebe Melnick, Thomas McKenna

Morgan Dopp

Assistant Editor
Zachary Lapierre

Fredy Delgado

Line Producer
Emily Tufaro

Production Coordinator
Sarah Barry

Post-Production Supervisor
Daniel Byrne

Supervising Producer
Stasia Tomlinson

Executive Producer
Justin Lundstrom

Special Thanks

“Trap Now” by Jonah Bird

“Pull the Trigga_Underscore” by Janos Fulop, Theo Rosenthal

“Can Feel It” by Theo Rosenthal, Grant Palmer

“Live This Moment_Underscore” by Janos Fulop, Theo Rosenthal, Kaeci Cooper

“Coming Through” by Damien Bertelle, Claude-Manuel Inocencio

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Thrillist says:

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Nayan Mipun says:

Please use gloves for touching food it is not about disease but your fingers produce sweat secretions

Lalos SAW says:

Contra is a Greek word I don't think it's Latin. We still use it.

Chris & Tango #SaveTheBees says:

Touching food with NO GLOVES???

Sangam Shrivastav says:

Being vegetarian is equal to eating meat, sounds weird right? Search 'Veganism' and look at any speech, you'll be and thrilled and shaken, trust me.

Jon Kelly says:

such bullshit, if you have a michelin star ur aiming for a michelin star

Samantha Jones says:

cool- would love to see the vegan alternative, just posted for the Toronto version on my channel

Daniel Brown says:

first of all per se has a vegetarian tasting menu and they have three stars. Second: nix is a michelin starred restaurant with only vegetarian dishes. it is a la carte but you can have a multi course dining experience, you just have to order that way. this title is bogus.

Nick Singh says:

I eat in fancy pants restaurants every now and then I am always impressed with the vegetarian dishes and desserts. The meat dishes are normally easily replicable at home but the vegetarian dishes always blow me away even though I dislike vegetables. Great vid!

Sean Halloran says:

Thrillist should be embarassed for this title, not only is Contra not a vegetarian restaurant but also Kajitsu actually is a vegetarian tasting menu restaurant that has a Michelin star. Then also Nix, though it isnt a tasting menu.

dempo pragola says:

Contra, just because it's "anti" fine dining. Reaaally? How he describes the food is already pretentious enough.

Tyrant Sun says:

uhhhhhh those dirty fingernails yuck

Thrillist says:

Check out the first episode of our newest series, Really Dough?:

Jessica Weatherspoon says:

It's not a vegetarian restaurant, it has a vegetarian menu. I looked them up and their contra menu has lobster.

BLacKNesMonsTaz says:

Wow that's great!!

Leon says:

If they use Dashi as an ingredient to prepare the asparagus, then it is not a vegetarian tasting menu, because Dashi contains Bonito-flakes, which are basically dried fish.
Please change the title, it is misleading

Smegma Lasagna says:

I'm not really a fan of these courses since they are often so small and I just want to continue to eat.
However, it does make for a more cozy atmosphere

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