Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites S01E01 (2020)

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Jamie reinvents the roast chicken to create a one-pan wonder, cooks spaghetti bolognese with pale ale and Cheddar, and shares a fun take on pasta prep that kids and adults alike will love


Chetna- Dethe says:

Hardy meals .. felt like I was watching game of thrones food cooking..superb job

clive saunders says:

forgot how much i like to see this guy cook nice one!

Jeanne Amato says:

OMG! Brilliant!

Bekzat Alizbay says:

What is it that Rivers says when Jamie says Buddy’s gonna do it? I can’t catch it.

Nizha Saoud says:

délicieuse food god bless you chef👨‍🍳

Dee Jaaay says:

Thank you!! More vids please 😀😁❤ wish you well Jamie, love cooking

LayofAutumn says:

Yeah the Camera guy captured the Neowise comet in the Timelapse at 22:00 😍

Anthony De Freitas says:

Where is the next one……been 2weeks😢

Sathish Yadav says:

Squeezing the sausage on the breast is family cooking… really??? 😛

Sascha says:

Lookes great. I ask myself if it would work in a slowcooker too. It simmers without a lid which means that the recipe might not work in a slowcooker, where you always use a lid (I`m talking about the bolognese).

Bunbun Sooky says:

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver excellent chef cooks for family and going live .🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🍛🍛🍜🍜🍝🍝🍧🍧🍨🍨🥧🥧🍵🍵🍽🍽🍴🍴🥄🥄🔪🔪.One day his son will follow in his foot step cooking when he gets older ,or not.

Kohyar Naderi says:

Great video, I loved how both meals came out.

Ibozf Sh says:

My son would say oh yummy bolognese…. – ugh wait what is this green ugly thing in there-ugh rosmarin?? Oh no mama why do you put these in the sauce, i dont need it in there 🤪

Ibozf Sh says:

7:35 ahahahahahaha that is soooo real thank you for that picture of real life

Peggy Hurley says:

Love your passion and zeal for cooking & your deep love for your family Jamie!
Your style is unique, like none other!

Irina Shparko says:

Обслюнявиться можно от этой вкусноты !!!

Kim says:

Batch cooking is a beautiful thing….I must try the watercress n pear salad…looks yum

J. P. Monge S. says:

A shame that because of the pandemic these beautiful videos cannot be seen above 480p, what a waste!.


Wow jamie you are a super cook, always using fresh herbs 👍

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