Store Cupboard Recipes & Easy Vegan One Pot Budget Meal Ideas – Quick & Simple! Lara Joanna Jarvis.

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As we can’t get to the shop as easily, or get hold of food as much at the moment I thought I would share some super easy vegan store cupboard recipes and one pot easy & simple vegan meal ideas which can be easily made to include meat if you wish!
I hope you like these budget friendly meal ideas and hopefully they inspire you to make delicious, cheap, easy meals from what you have in your store cupboard/pantry!!

These are all vegan, but they can be made into meat or fish based very easily according to your preferences!

Would you like more easy vegan recipes from me?? Let me know!!
These store cupboard meal ideas are so quick to make, using just one pot and are on budget too because they just need a few tinned and store cupboard ingredients!


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Lots of love, Lara x

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Beth says:

What background music is this please?

Amy C Marr says:

Tip: Alot of pesto isn't veggie/vegan but there are veggie/vegan options by Sacla 🧡

aurora. marie_x says:

I was sent here by Mister Carrington and I'm not disappointed. Thanks

Hatty Tool says:

Lara I’ve just made your curry…it smells and tastes so lovely !! I’ve added in spinach & some mushrooms which were both frozen…. thank you Lara, il be making it forever more xx

doughtywylie2 says:

Hello, a recent viewer. I've been watching a few of your food/shopping videos and have to say you look great on the plant based diet. Not that you looked terrible before or anything. Just that you look brighter, fresher and happier. Your skin seems to glow. Had to share 🙂

SuperMellow21 says:

Thank you Lara great video! x

sun shine says:

Brilliant Lara and you look lovely xx

sharon colwell says:

Loved this… Don't know if it is just luck, but I have everything single ingredient in my cupboard. Today i will be making the squash dish so thanks for the inspiration Lara. Have a great day xx

The Kitchen / المطبخ / باورچی خانہ says:

looks so delicious , thanks for sharing , like it

Vanessa Bueno says:

Very good! Love the flour trick. X

Plaisir de l'Anglais says:

Pro kitchen trick: if you put a teatowel (some use wet one) under the chopping board, it stops it from moving and likely causing a cut.

Sharon Cleverly says:

Great ideas. I’d love to see more of these quick and easy meals that can be adapted for vegans/non vegans x

Jeanne says:

Really enjoyed this video. Thank you. 🦋

ArtsyGirlMarilyn says:

Vegan 🌱 recipes yay. Thanks.

Ann Bartlett says:

has your stomach bloating calmed down now ? good ideas in this video x

Violet's Vanity says:

Great video Lara! I love to see what you guys cook in a week!

Tom says:

Excellent 😄 Thank you my Friend

Dumb Bit says:

tip: if you've no tahini, then you can swap it if for pure peanut butter.

Val Beckingham says:

Love your videos Lara 👍👍

Amelia O'Brien says:

Thank you for yummy ideas x

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