Le Cellier Brunch – Vegan & non-vegan food review – Epcot – Walt Disney World

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We are back at Le Cellier Steakhouse but this time for brunch!
We got:
Mimosa 1:08
Whiskey Bloody Mary with maple syrup 1:37
Fruit bowl 2:18
Maple Yogurt and Granola 2:54
Breakfast Pastries 3:54
Avocado toast 4:56
Everything Bagel Deviled Eggs with citrus-cured salmon, pickled shallot, crispy capers, dill, and a bagel chip 6:49
Impossible Meat sausage, JUST egg mung bean eggs, red potatoes, peppers, and onions 7:44
Le Cellier Eggs Benedict on a cronut with canadian bacon, asparagus, 60°C egg, and a maple Hollandaise 10:07
Carrot Cake 11:59
Maple Sugar-Pecan Donuts, Whisky Caramel, and a Le Cellier Blend Coffee Mousse 13:53

Overall thoughts 15:33

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Princess and the Bear says:

What's your favorite brunch location on Disney property?

Tiff Prendergast says:

Cell eee aay

Heather M. says:

Great video! That scramble skillet looks amazing. That lady was KILLING me. 😂 I can hear her over Bear! 🤣

Maverick Versus Everything says:

Among our fav. Maverick gives likes where likes are due – take it. 😎

The Singer Taryn says:

You have the best channel name and I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your channel. You have a new subscriber in me, thanks for commenting on my post in our YouTube group. Peace and smiles! 💜😊

Emma & Jon - You're Welcome! says:

We love le Cellier for dinner and it looks delicious for brunch too.
Thanks for the review we will definitely add this to our list for future visits xx

joann phillips says:

Love your videos, but won't try this place since impossible meat is plant based it's not cruelty free. Was tested on rats. But the carrot cake looks really good.

Greg T says:

Laughing so hard at the lady at 4:37 saying she's going to ask if they can cook the tartare

Greg T says:

I'm weird… I can't spend that much for "breakfast". I'm just way too happy with a Grand Slam from Denny's 😛 However, omg… brunch at Homecomin' is to die for!!!

Anna Chicago Cubs says:

I never had a desire to eat here but after seeing your food wow now I want to go. Thanks for sharing your meal.

Francie says:

What a beautiful and luxurious meal – It all looks really delicious!!!! I'm impressed with the vegan offerings!!!

The Chatting Kid says:

Oh I’d pay the money for the carrot cake alone lol

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