Kitchen Stock = Liquid Gold

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Mother Sauces Ep3 : How to make Brown Stock, aka “Fond Brun” in French. False friend warning.
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Learning how to make Kitchen Brown Stock and White Stock is a mandatory step in the life of a cook. So many different french Sauce recipes come from this broth recipe. The stock recipe is simple : “How to make Fond Brun” in very short :
– 1 kg of veal : bones and trimmings
– 100g carrots
– 100g onions
– 10g garlic
– 20g tomato purée
– 1 bunch of herbs ( bay, parsley stalks, thyme)
– 1.5 litres of water
Chop everything roughly and roast it all in the oven. To get colour and flavour you need maillard reaction = caramelisation first. Then boil the whole thing for 4 to 6 hours. As much as possible : Don’t add salt, don’t add fat.

Episode 2 with the French Saucier at the michelin star restaurants :

Big thank you to my brothers and sisters at La Boucherie Moderne in Paris : check them them, they’re amazing.

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Director, Author, Host & Camera : Alex
Editor : Joshua Mark Sadler

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Baked Kangaroo says:

What about vegetarian stock?

test says:

couldnt you just pour liquid nitrogen in there ?

DeafenHeaven says:

Everyone's talking about the broth, but I'm more impressed in the store he bought the cauldrons from (idk what those big pots are called)

Andrés Guzmán Posada says:

You missed the celery in the comments. Nice video

curtis_browning says:

You remind me of Linguine from Ratatouille.

In all seriousness, to those of you out there that have ever worked in the food industry. Applauds from me. I was fortunate enough to work with people that had this Youtubers passion. Work ethic like no other.

Jim Andrews says:

I find it kind of funny that his sponsor is skillshare but his channel kind of competes with it. Why would anyone buy skillshare for cooking when Alex has extensive in-depth videos here?

Ghostmortem says:

i want one of those kwason mugs

Lukas Rutosky says:

good editors make every video taste better, thumb up!

pts1701 says:

You just made an escence of life literally from corpses) Food making is amazing)

M1k1 says:

You know you watch too much Gordon Ramsay if you've read Chicken Stock. Don't tell me I'm the only dyslexic one here.

Jose Sosa says:

i thought he faked his accent through the whole video lol

bearpants 83 says:

that fat will make a great cream gravy

Barry 1337 says:

can i invest in ur stock

Barry 1337 says:

ahh first the ramen obsession and now the liquid gold of stock, love it.

Andrea Berrelli says:

vabbhe hai fatto er brodo per i tortellini !!!

S M says:

lidl stock cubes pack of 6 for under £1 / € 1 job done.

Tim Dalzell says:

I would like to thank you young man. your passion for sauces is impeccable..

Sascha Kaupp says:

Hi Alex! It's 7 in the morning, I had my pot on the stove all night, simmering away. In the past, i usually cooked a soup based on those ingredients but added seasoning in the process. This time I am leaving that out to get actual fond and the result is amazing, probably also because of the pre-roasing of the ingredients. I just chilled down the fond and now have to wait for the fat to separate to the top and I am eagerly waiting to taste the result!

enhbayr batsvx says:

where can i get this book i’m from mongolia

A rat says:

6:47 wait a minute

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