Gordon Ramsay Left Stunned After Trying The Best Of British Dishes | Ramsay's Best Restaurant

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In this episode, Gordon Ramsay is on a path the find Britain’s best British restaurant, and after a rocky start, both teams leave Gordon stunned as he tries their final dishes.

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Croatoan says:

he chose wrong on this one

theBigMoose says:

Graham of West House is such a gentleman! No wonder he is successful. Seems like a great chap!

Matt Bolt says:

Some of those diners had a stick up their ass

jack black says:

WOW you have to feel sorry for the sous chef. when they have announced the winner he completely leaves him hanging and cuddles the mum /sister etc and just leaves him alone. that sous chef won that for him and he fucking dissed him so hard.

Lord Grim says:

didnt know jake gyllenhaal was a chef

Gunner Schouten says:

2:28 she high af

Gareth says:

I don't believe in who won. The head chef was rude as fuck to the guy complaining about those chips. Like, fuckin' Hell, it's a bit of potato. How can you let that get fucked up as a head chef? Ridiculous. The family run place deserved to win.

Jerry Chen says:

The old lady lost it for them, too many screw ups with the service

Deathrule 14 says:

How British can you get

jon rodriguez says:

Ramsey: "Nobody wants to wait an hour for their food. No chance!"
Customers: "It was worth the wait."

DeWayne Hodges says:

but how often do they get a full dinning room all at once? his advice is a little targeted. not wrong but targeted

111111hakar says:

You know you're dealing with Chefs when they have Alcohol within arms reach for the second the shift ends.

Dynamic Solution says:

My kitchen hell was being 18 and fry cook at a steak house while nascar was in town, Dover De. The breaded/ fried onion turned into a flow with sauce in the middle. From 4:30-10pm standing over a 350 degree deep fryer, in the middle of the summer, cooking 5 at a time.

Lennox438 says:

"It is so hard, you have no idea" – Gordon Ramsay

Laney Potter says:

You can definitely tell why americans are so obese because our portions are ten times the size of theirs lol

Dimeisgod 66 says:

I feel bad for the mother

Damn that’s Emman says:

26:08 he got the looks but damn the blue eyes is so beautiful. I hust noticed gordon also has a blue eyes. DAMN SO UNFAIR.

Danny Lang says:

You can tell gordon respected the fuck outta the guy from the west house. Dude was talking back and not taking shit from gordon and gordon just kinda did nothing.

BR says:

so you like taping ppl drinking water?

Md Jummon says:

there's a reason why Michelin star restaurants take reservations and send dishes out by the table. They dont welcome 30 tables at once with no apparent order so they'll need to wait!

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