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Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, Yorkshire Puddings are easy to make vegan with this recipe from my friend from across the pond, Flash Gordonette.

Find the full recipe here:
FYI, I made a half batch in the video but did not need to adjust the cooking time.

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King Loz says:

recipe for the gravy!!!

K G says:

Mary, do you think aqua faba could work in place of the Ener-G? I dislike that product.

John Howell says:

This is going to be a life changer. Missed them since going vegan.

Kristen L says:

Does the ACV throw the taste off even slightly? With a lot of baked goods I've had that happen. Thanks!

Emma-victoria says:

Ahhh wonder if that's what I'm lacking cider vinagr as mine go all gooey in the middle. I'll give this a try

norm108 says:

if I don't have self raising flour how much baking powder should I add

Ellie McHale says:

Thank you for doing this! However, just a point: we don't call the plural of Yorkshire pudding "puddings". We just say "imma make some Yorkshire pud."

Playground Of Life says:

what was the egg replacer mentioned?

Rachel Hudson says:

Add some vegan sausage for toad in the hole. I'm definitely going to try this..yummy 😋


I love you for this!!

Nadine T says:

I'm from Yorkshire and I'm so excited to try this recipe! I've missed yorkies since going vegan. Thanks so much!

Alaluunia says:

Thank you for sharing!
I just started a Youtube channel about my struggles with Anorexia that i have at the moment. I also post what I eat! It would really mean a lot if you would check it out! <3

CoFear-19 says:

Too bad Yorkshire (or British people in general) are racist.

Wolf C says:

Mary, where do you get "black salt" in Calgary?

(Oh, never mind, I see you answered a similar question below…Indian food stores…) 🙂

Apeeling Lifestyle says:

I'm so glad you are back!

see.through.these.frames says:

I recently went vegan and I am so glad I found your channel. I have been struggling with breaking out of my rut of only making roasted veggies and tacos. Your videos are inspiring me to try new things.

Frb02 says:

Mary you are back!!!! =D
Thanks for the recipe and I hope your hand is doing better!!! Youtube and I missed you and your vegan recipes!
Be well! And thanks!

The Viet Vegan says:

Oooh I love this! I only ever had yorkshire pudding once and it was so interesting in terms of texture! I am totally going to try this one day when the craving strikes ^_^

neuftet says:

Your videos are so inspiring and your voice is just so relaxing. Thank you for making such great videos!

Kara3516 says:

Your marmite gravy idea sounds simple, smart, and really good! How about making more vegan marmite recipe? I think it's still rare to find in youtube. And I wondered if I've already bought a jar of marmite, should I eat that just with plain bread.. forever..?

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