CHRISTMAS MEGA MIX | A Jamie Xmas/Thanksgiving compilation

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We’ve gone back to the archives to give you all you will need to make your Christmas go with a bang. Sit back and enjoy nearly half an hours worth of Christmas crackers. x



Αννα Ρουσσου says:

God bless you and your family you are wonderful

Ken Riccio poems says:

Welcome to Jamie's bankrupt restaurant show!

L S says:

Who is this absolute silly goose! What a nut case!

Lucy van Pelt says:

Amazing. Thank! What an inspiration👌👌👌

Margarita Danova says:

You know, when I watch all these cooking shows and vids, I just can't help thinking that someone's got to do all the cleaning and washing up later on after the show. And that's so depressing.

Gorgeous Look says:

Все отлично, но было бы ещё лучше с русским переводом. Очень люблю Джимми Оливера . С такой любовью говорит о своих шедеврах кулинарии!!! Спасибо. 👍🌹♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Christine Darrock says:

I love the fact that his roasting pan is not one of those hugely expensive, perfect looking pans. It looks like the one I grew up with! Love the simplicity and honesty!

Christmas in Paris says:

I wanted to see who that was running around in the turkey way was it Jamie😂😂😂

Ashleigh Jaima Osborne says:

Doing a turkey on Sunday, great tips thank you. 😊🇨🇦

Emil Johansson Levin says:

That was…one of weirdest and most awesome openings for a cooking show I've ever seen and I have seen A LOT!

Qslye Arrhid says:

Love you jamie you're so amazing

Gulya Swift says:

Jamie is the best

Bettye's Cooking Channel says:

I love red cabbage.

Alejandra Frontera says:

Hola a todos!, estamos en el ultimo día de el año 2018, soy chef profesional y me encanta este chef, me gusta como habla, como explica, como degusta y como hace lo mejor con naturalidad y pasión…aunque debo de confesar que he nacido en Buenos Aires, Argentina y resido en Barcelona y de vez en cuando miro su canal y me encantaría que estuviese traducido al español, por practicidad y para un mejor entendimiento, aun cuando las técnicas y los ingredientes se ve y se entiende, seria genial poder leer en español y escuchar en ese ingles puro y grandioso que solo ellos tienen.
Por lo que apelo a la gran generosidad de su publico admirador y ruego colaboren en ello y así somos mas a quienes nos alegrara y enseñara mas de su arte, por otro lado a ti Jamie: puedes subtitularlo por favor? agradecidisima e invitado a mi mesa en España cuando gustes.
Saludos desde Barna, feliz año 2019 y gracias por hacer mas fascinante el comer cada día entre todos!!

ngatiramona says:

You are a champion for sharing this amazing series. Thank you so much for taking the time to edit it and put this up for all of us. Very much appreciated 👏👏❤❤

Danielle says:

Let's be honest most British people have never put ground pork in stuffing it's always been [bread herbs onion] and have always stuffed it inside the bird hence why it's called stuffing! But good on him for doing a turkey and stuffing for the yanks and there Thanksgiving. I'm sure Trump appreciates you Jamie. Pfft

Any Thing says:

Jamie I Love you!

Paul West says:

Is there anything I can use to replace the sage whilst making the roast potatoes?

Marianna Caselli says:

Grande Jamie 👏👏👏😘 un abbraccio da Catania Sicilia Italia

haydeh abdolahian says:

You can go little healthier less meat and oil would be nice🤪

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