the GREAT CAULIFLOWER "TURKEY" with veggie stock gravy (a veggie Thanksgiving)

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PATREON (Included Plan of Attack):

Consider your vegetarian guest on Thanksgiving this year and make them this whole head of cauliflower that kinda looks like a turkey served with a vegetable stock gravy to make this a real thanksgiving meal without the meat. The perfect meatless “turkey” for your meatless guests during the holidays.



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kymmi lee says:

Love this video! I’m going to make this for my vegetarian daughter, and I would eat some too!

Truckngirl says:

Yeah you go do that for the four other people at your table. Prove me wrong. You are in NYC, right? Didn't you's just go on lockdown again?

Joseph1NJ says:

should we be having guests this year? are the risks just yours, or are you endangering others? you could say, you do you. but the truth is, you could be doing others. anyway, I just read this:

Alan Marciocchi says:

Really? Why? You can make great veggie dishes without trying to make it look like something it isn't…leave this bait and switch to the burger chains trying to get a faux burger…

Jeff Pittman says:

I respect cooking skill but I'm out on the veggie/vegan train.

Alara Nazlı Yılmaz says:

We don't celebrate thanksgiving but we eat turkey in christmas eve, it became tradition somehow here in turkey and i'll save this amazing recipe for christmas 🙂

Bear McBride says:

This is wonderful. I love the message of making sure everyone at Thanksgiving is getting the same amount of love and attention in their food, and giving non-meat eaters something just as special as the turkey. We need so much more of that kindness and thoughtfulness in the world.

veliki srakoper says:

Finnaly a warming community where vegetarians are accepted.

The Blobfish says:

That really is something ive always been saying. If there are vegetarians, they are not just gonna eat the sides as long as i stand in the kitchen. Nice idea

Every Vegan Recipe says:

Would LOVE to share this recipe on our website. We will include the video and link back to your channel. Here's a sample recipe from another YouTuber to see how we credit your channel: Can we share to our community for you? 🙂

Chris Turner says:

I don't know if anyone else if having this same issue in the UK but I have not been able to find sage anywhere for like a month now. Anyway, definitely going to try this, we're not veggies but always on the look out for ways to reduce our meat consumption.

G D says:

This is really awesome. When I was a vegan I did feel left out. Made my own thai mango salad at thanksgiving, or ordered Indian food at christmas. I didn't get to partake anymore in what Everyone else was doing, amd it felt really weird to witness what I had always done with an outside perspective. We dont realize how strong the food is tied tonthos cultural events and memorized. But if someone had done something like this… feel like you get to join in with everyone else.
As a side note, and people aren't going to like this… slot of veganism etc comes from making a statement, and being morally superior. You won't be able to please many of these people, because the reason they are vegan is to lash out… not what anyone wants to hear. Alot of these sorts of things are because they give one a right to complain. So it can be very hard to please people like this sometimes, no matter what you do.
Doesnt take away from the thoughtfulness of this dish. Just as a former vegan, I know that often wanting to be different is a scream for attention.

Thrustin Von Helmut says:

You have to be kidding me! Total waste of time. I unsub this clown.

Vidheyesh Prabhu says:

That pink salt flex tho

Genevieve Winkler says:

this is so sweet

sahkanoodo says:

This is a really great idea, and I love your focus on inclusion. It looks fantastic too!

Alex says:

A grocery store I really like does a NY style margarita pizza with confit garlic on it

J L says:

Yoh this is super dope thanks for sharing. Most of my family is vegetarian so this is def on the top of the list to try.

Pine Apple says:

My veg family made this last year. It was delicious

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