Rodney Thinks He's in Love – Only Fools and Horses – BBC

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Rodney asks for some advice about a woman, but neither Del nor Granddad can get over the fact that she is a little bit older then he is.

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Nath New says:

When he says micky Pierce 😂😂

Holly Burton says:

I agree that Grandad. Was great he was the best part about the only fools and horses he's the reason that ,it was so good cause he was such a good person and character

1salahudin says:

When comedy was good

Sheep Slayer says:

Classic brilliant comedy, but in the first few mins of this clip the pc woke brigade would have had it off the air for homophobic hate crimes.

Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers ! says:

Del looks like an italian maf boss.

The Irish man says:

Can you imagine Del Boy not being played by David Jason? He was born to play him

Paul Bradford says:

One of, if not the best comedies of its time and we are still watching and laughing. Magical.

Smol Pupper says:

"who was that rodney?" …. " ohh umm mickey pierce"

Smol Pupper says:

Lmao this is classic.

Anonymous No1 says:

1:58 me when shemema begum wants to come back into the uk after getting uk citizenship revoked

plasticbudgie says:

Ahh the good old days, When writers could write freely and not have to pander to gender and racial identity politics and fret about offended the Tadpoles.

Jesse Bella says:

cough coughhh 4000000000 T

simon lloyd says:

Every line is either a joke or a set up to a joke, and then a reply to a joke, with another joke…bang, bang, bang…John Sullivan was an amazing writer, and the cast were just incredible. In our house, Del, Grandad and Rodney felt like our extended family.

Lee Hambilton says:

Absolute class

bitchoflivingblah says:

There's more here in 3 minutes than there is in whole series of some programmes.

Marcus de noblé says:

What’s the name of this episode?

Richard Clatworthy says:

Good old fashioned humour, when you didn’t have to worry about offending anyone…

Del…. “there’s no one in our family like that” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Del Boy says:

That plonker really thought he can pull her.

Humanforfreedom 95 says:

Today this would be branded national socialist hate propaganda. That's how insane, communistic and totalitarian the west has become.

HoneyBee says:

Lol@ granddad 😂😂 oh I so miss those days when things were normal, the world wasn't so dark and great comedy kept us laughing for hours…

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