Goldberg's most extreme moments: WWE Top 10

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Since his debut in 1997, Goldberg has proven time and again that he is one of the most powerful forces in sports-entertainment. Count down 10 of the most extreme moments involving the man they call Goldberg.
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Asif Ghouri says:

Fakest ever wrestling

Aviral Bhatt says:

In his prime Goldberg was a monster of another dimension. Had he and taker been in their prime when they faced each other it would have gone down as the greatest match in wrestling history.

Cosimo Piovasco says:

Need him for babysitting

B Man TV says:

Rule 1 Goldberg doesn’t f*** around

Libby W says:

Goldberg is an animal

Ronak Neymar says:

Goldberg like 👍
Reigns comment💪

VIPJealanMiro Eazzycash says:

I knew it whod be no. 1

Satya Ganesh Arikerevula says:

I miss this top 10 music

Ballguy guy says:

Goldberg made me dislike brock more
No offense

Adam Call says:

The window wrecker wasn`t impressive, i`ve punched out a car window. but still wouldn`t screw with goldberg.

Jefri albarkah says:

Best of the best!!

toha pro says:

мой кумир был в детстве Годберг….самый отбитый…еще братья Мистерио нравились!!!

Heart creative says:

Who's next Roman reigns i.m next

Grant Chow says:

Goldberg was the biggest "impact" wrestler for brute force.

Logan Marlow boy says:

I'm surprised kevin didn't tear both quads and goldberg didn't cripple something 1:59

Jonathan Harold says:

1:55 crazy💥💯😍

DBZ Animations says:

Goldberg Spears Like
Roman Spears Comments

krzysztof nowak says:

Cuz ktos jest przy mnie next swiat przestanie klamc dobkurwy nedzy. Galaxy mordy. 5686tejfyth

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krzysztof nowak says:

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