How to Make a Veggie-Packed Broccoli and Feta Frittata

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Test cook Keith Dresser makes Bridget a foolproof Broccoli and Feta Frittata.

Get the recipe for Broccoli and Feta Frittata:
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Jacquelynn Booth says:

It’s summer. It’s too hot to use the oven.

Holly M says:

Love these recipes. Thanks

zoeypf says:


Zig Zag 77777 says:

Bridget – I swear I heard you sound like Martha Stewart!
Fret not, she couldn’t hold a candle to you!!! 👩‍🍳

Sidney Mathious says:

I have not eaten that dish before, but it does look great and must be so tasty as well. If I had some broccoli at home and the other ingredients I would make it just to see how it taste.

Mark Slima says:

Looks delicious. Is it possible to make this, eat some then freeze the rest? Could it then be re-heated to be decently edible and flavorful?

vidaurreta says:

Looks delicious and firm and I can’t wait to put it in my mouth…oh and the frittata seems nice.

David Midgarden says:

Maybe Blanche the broccoli first?

Charles Wright says:

I've made this recipe 4-5 times, and the bottom is usually too brown. Fortunately, the overcooked part forms a skin that I can easily cut away. But still, seems like a waste (and extra work)

MarcusT says:

Do these people know the difference between a frittata, omelette and quiche? Doesn't seem so

Melissa McCool says:

Looks good but my husband doesn't like broccoli.

Jacquelynn Booth says:

How about adding sautéed finely chopped onion ?

FngT V says:

what kind of pan is that? looked like the handle would've melted.

jjoyous jay says:

This is going to be Sunday brunch with sun-dried 🍅 & herbed 🌿 feta, finely chopped spinach & mushrooms… Yummy! 😋😍

Children's Entertainment says:

♪♫ yum yum nom nom nom nom nom!♪♫

Gordon Miller says:

How can you do this without a non-stick pan? I don't spend money on items that won't last a life time and are made with less toxic materials, like cast iron and stainless steel. Thanks for the tips. I will have to try that milk and salt one soon.

sharon h says:

nice video. have to buy recipe.

Alan von Au***** says:

Perfectly executed frittata 👍👏❤️! Why make quiche when you can skip the pie shell altogether (less work) and make frittata instead 😊? The possibilities for frittate go as far as your creativity allows.

Tosh T says:

Excellent recipe. 👍 Potatoes are a traditional frittata ingredient in Italy but I didn't get hooked until I visited Spain. Lots of tapas bars serve tortilla de patatas – egg, potato, sometimes onion. By the slice, some wet, some dry; simple and delicious. Now whenever I have leftover French fries I always have them the next day in a frittata. Mmm, mmm.

Avalon449 says:

Bottom looked overcooked…….

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