RELAXING VEGETARIAN COOKING: Italian Antipasti, Vegan Hummus, Easy Appetisers in Tuscany, Italy

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Happy weekend! This time I’m sharing two easy recipes for healthy aperitivo snacks or appetisers from my home in Tuscany, Italy. I cook a delicious vegan recipe for hummus with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil and roasted garlic and little roasted vegetable vegetarian antipasti with puff pastry and ricotta. You can find many more videos on my channel about how I learned Italian and moved to Italy. Making these episodes alone is very time consuming and expensive and if you would like to support my work, you can find my Patreon page here:
You can find my recipes and other information on moving to Italy, learning Italian or my filmmaking equipment on my website:
Please don’t follow me on Facebook as that person is not me – they have stolen my identity for the past few years. You can follow me over on Instagram for daily inspiration from Italy and around the world to make you dream, learn a language, cook, travel, move to a foreign country, film, edit or pursue your passion:
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Kylie Flavell says:

Thank you so much for all your support – whether it's a like, subscribing to my channel, leaving a comment, simply making time in your day to watch or becoming a Patron and donating to my work. You can find the recipes here on my site: Have a beautiful weekend. Love Kylie

al ali says:

Thank you for appreciating and creating beauty in this world! ❤️☺️

Amethyst Trails says:

I really enjoyed this one. The music makes me think of a fairytale.

Bie says:

A nice cup of tea whilst watching your video… happyness! Thank you kylie! Xxx

bruely82 says:

Lovely video and music! I miss my country so much 😭


Pure beauty and Serenity…I escape into a different world a world seen through your eyes and I see the beauty of the little joys of life that many times I forget because of the everyday hustle and life stress in the city. When I watch your videos its like reading a great book that you get lost in. Your work brings me joy and peace. Thank you so much Kylie! 🌺

Cristo Mario says:

Thank you for another masterpiece Kylie. We love your work. Enjoy the sun, winter is going to catch up on us soon 🙂

Drone Reviews & News says:

Would love for you to do a video or two on Abruzzo…lots of us in North America looking there to relocate!

Perfume World says:

Thanks Kylei

Cbear K says:

The wild snapdragons!!! oh how lovely <3 I never knew that about the chickpea skins. I imagine these days are very Cinderella esque for you, so much love and joy, what a lovely video ^_^

Bachconcertos Whitney says:

I love the colors in your filming and you look so beautiful on camera – its Bellismo! Magnifica!

Bachconcertos Whitney says:

This is beautiful filming – Magnifico!

lulu ylu says:

Art direction for this one is your best yet! Beautiful tonality, chiaroscuro, colour plays, framing, and spacing. Nice choice of score too.

Gülşah Büber says:

I feel like my soul is being purified while watching your videos. You create a piece of art from simple objects. Thank you!

Jess A. says:

What a romantic video. Please Kylie, more vegan recipes!! I plan on veganizing your stuzzichini recipe lol!! Sending lots of love from Naples <3

MJT GCR says:


cathy fabi says:

Hello Kylie, I had a very stressful week. I'm learning how de- stress by 'going slow' and taking refuge in nature and beautiful places. Thank-you for being a calm harbour. Your channel is beautiful .

Ana Marins says:

Kylie, would you please let me know the jazz music title you were listening too during this beautiful video?

Lovely Garden says:

Really nice work on the camera angles, the lens used, the MUSIC is perfect, your clothing and your smile with that sweet voice is hypnotic, I could hardly focus on what you were saying with your stunning beauty over riding your message. What a wonderful recipe, i will try this 🙂

Catherine HEGU says:

Merci Kylie! Cathy de Pau

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