Casa de Carne

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On a night out with friends, Eric tries a new restaurant that takes the dining experience full circle. Set in the not-so-distance, dark future, “Casa de Carne” is a thought-provoking short film about hard choices and hidden truths.

Winner of 6 Telly Awards including Gold for Social Responsibility, 1st Place Tarshis Film Award Winner at the 2019 Animal Film Festival, and Best Short Film at the International Vegan Film Festival.

Written & Directed by Dustin Brown
Produced by William Martens & Dustin Brown
Executive Producer Chris DeRose
Cinematography by Mark Mannschreck
Edited by Dustin Brown
Associate Producer & 1st AD Nura Ashimova
Starring Joe LeMieux, Mantas Valantiejus, Gintare Bandinskaite, Ryan Sherman

2019 Last Chance for Animals.


Lee Peffers says:

I don't feel vegan is the end all be all. The concept of not eating ANY animal products is just silly. Eggs, dairy, honey… All are things that are incredibly nutritious, an egg is literally designed to be food. All of these things can be obtained without hurting anyone or anything. Mankind has had a symbiotic relationship with many animals over the last couple thousand years and the current way we do things is a massive bastardization of that system.

Maris says:

what happens to the rest of the animal? Every meal you have to kill a whole animal? Makes so much sense

Sounds of life says:

This is silly; clearly this pig is someones pet- no I wouldn't kill a pet but would be fine to kill an animal raised for food, ( then cook & eat it)- many farmers do this.

F H L L O R T says:

Honestly, this just made me hungry

Meme machine 366 says:

Mmmmmm Carne asada

Sustaeval says:

This is only shocking to nature detached urbanites. I grew up on a farm and have killed countless animals.

dew user says:

It's the year 2020 and EXPLOITING ANIMALS belongs in our dark history books along with SLAVERY and RACISM.

Glorious Pink says:

I mean fresh meat wasn't taste as good, you gotta put it for few a day till the flavor develop

Melostrich says:

Im still going to eat meat sorry

cole williams says:

this so sad

kclops says:

I'm hungry I want to eat meat

somelamename how about mr.jukebox says:

I'd kill it to eat it, I don't care. Im hungry and want my bacon.

Vogel Vogel says:

I don't Fucking Care it's Still tasty

Vintage tears says:

I watched a pig get slaughtered in our backyard by our relatives ( no one’s really knows about veganism here yet) and when I saw that I refuse to eat porks blood ever again even though it was my favorite as a child.
Now i’m just trying to trigger an ed lmao.

Kjorn Dogg says:

Why does the waiter simultaneously seem like he's a villan, leading the guy to a torture chamber, and that one person who gives the secret agent all of their cool gadgets?

Danni Cangussu says:

Meu Deus do céu. Impacta mesmo 👏👏👏 bem pensado

Tatiana Manfrim Bottaro says:

Vídeo fantástico!!!

Benjamin P says:

I would have done it.

Sean Deluxe says:

Sorry to say it chief but meat is still in my diet and I still love the hell out of it

Stinkyman Gacha says:

I'm hungry now

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