My Favorite VEGETARIAN Meals 2020 | Healthy meals | Mazie McNamara

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Hey there! In today’s video I talk all about my favorite healthy vegetarian meals. I’ve been vegetarian for a year, and I really really love it. I don’t feel deprived whatsoever, and I don’t even miss meat anymore!

I’ve broken up my favorites into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was going to include snacks, but almost all snacks are already vegetarian! I don’t see meat as a popular midday snack.

Most of my favorite meals are relatively healthy, but hey, not everyone’s perfect! I don’t sit around eating lettuce and carrots all day. Thanks so much for watching! I post new videos every day, so I will be back tomorrow.


-intro music-
Cho (by Maiwan) via Epidemic Sound

-my outfit in this video-
sweater: H&M
necklace: brandy melville

-my links-

-about me-
age: 17
favorite books: fangirl, all the light we cannot see, the perks of being a wallflower
favorite youtube creators: ruby granger, bestdressed, unjaded jade

What is your channel about?

I make videos about studying, books, productivity, and just general lifestyle! Some of my recent uploads are a how I take notes, how I make money on redbubble, and a pen pal with me. I hope you stick around!

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Kamal Kaushik says:

Hii!! I'm extremely happy to know that you are vegetarian. I'm also 101% vegetarian. Even i dont eat eggs.

arissa pan says:

really enjoyed the video, you totally deserve more subscribers. also, for plant-based meal ideas, I recommend watching Pick Up Limes (youtube channel). They've got the most delicious recipes. i've been vegetarian (mostly vegan) for over a year now, and I don't miss meat at all. Trying to convince my parents to let me go vegan though.

Dannia Duarte says:

I love your editing and i’m also a new youtuber as well!

Abisnail says:

How do you not have thousands of subs???

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